Question: Has any girl decided to physically meet a guy she found broadcasting on Chaturbate?

Answer: Yes, it happens, but generally it is a huge mistake.

I know one woman who met and married a man she met on, a website that was a predecessor to Chaturbate. That was more than 10 years ago and I don’t know what happened since then but it worked out at least for a few years.

Why then do I think it is a mistake if I’ve got a good example of it working out?

Because the majority of times the relationships over the internet, whether a sex site like Chaturbate, a dating site, or just meeting in a forum, is totally not representative of what people are like in real life.

Online we exaggerate our personalities, emphasize our good parts, and sometimes create an entirely fictitious persona that is more about who we want to be than who we are.

None of this sounds good for a long-time IRL relationship.

If you want to meet girls in real life then use a dating site, if you want to just have an enjoyable online experience with hot naked girls, then camgirl sites are for you.

They are not the same, and the very rare times they overlap doesn’t change that.

That said, if you really want to meet a girl on a cam site and move into a relationship then instead of Chaturbate you should be looking at Camcontacts with has a real, though small, category for “Long term relationships and marriage”.

Ultimately it isn’t that much different from any mail-order bride / dating site except you get to try out the nude and sex parts in advance.