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With great difficulty.

The Answer is : With great difficulty.

Chaturbate is an entertainment site, and the girls are there to provide a service to you, with the intention of then earning from it.

You are paying them to be nice to you, and while they may be nice anyway, that doesn’t mean the money isn’t in their thoughts.

Turn it around and say “How do I get a girlfriend at Starbucks”, meaning one of the servers you like. You can be as nice as you like to her, but ultimately she is talking to you as a customer, not as a potential date.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible, far from it, Chaturbate girls do become close to people they meet online and if you have things in common and get to know one another it is possible to start a real friendship.

This is not likely though.

If you want to get a girlfriend who is as hot and as open about sex as girls on Chaturbate then you should look at a real dating site, there are plenty.

So where can you find a girlfriend from a cam site? Try these two camgirl sites that have specific sections for friendship, dating, and marriage.

  • Imlive for their non-nude “Friends & Romance” section and see where it goes
  • Camcontacts has sections for “Make New Friends” as well as “Long Term or Marriage”.

And finally, no I won’t be your girlfriend, but I’m happy to chat with you on CB if you want to play.