Question: Do Cam Girls fake their Orgasms?

Answer: Yes, and so do every other girl

Faking cumming is a pretty standard thing for girls to do, and that includes camgirls.

Although a few girls cum easily and can do it repeatedly all day during their shows these are few and far between, and even they wear out after a very short while.

I read a “dear doctor” question in a newspaper a long time ago about a woman who asked why she couldn’t cum any more from her vibrator. She was 70. If I’m still able to cum at 69 I’ll be happy regardless of whether it requires a vibrator or my fingers!

Powerful toys definitely make it harder to cum without them, they are addictive. I’ve switched to a Lovense Domi2 instead of the fake-Hitachi I had before. More control means I don’t have to overdo it. Using porn helps too. More mental stim instead of mechanical. Saves the body parts, but wears out the mind too. Need to keep hunting for more powerful porn.

I guess it comes down to being a work-related injury if your clit is not so sensitive after working as a camgirl.

While we can’t always cum on demand we want to give a good show and that means showing appreciation for the private per-minute payments and the tips. If the customer wants a cum then we get as close as we can, and then fake the last bit of the actual orgasm.

Don’t spoil the illusion by asking for proof of a cum.

And don’t feel that you are a bad person if you haven’t made the girl cum. She isn’t your real girlfriend/wife, she is there to make you feel good and like any camgirl is content with the income that you provide.

Tip a camgirl or take her private and have a good cum yourself and then everybody is happy.