announced that they are allowing a new price point for private shows.

I’m not sure it is going to be that popular though, personally it doesn’t make sense for me, but I guess someone might use it.

As my privates are set at 44 tokens a minute I’ve not paid much attention to the discount end of the price range. And I’m not complaining or knocking those that price at a lower range, I understand for some people volume is more important and if they are happy then everybody wins.

But I’m still finding a bit of trouble understanding why “12 tokens a minute” is a big thing, is this in competition to price points at other sites?

Fill me in here if you are understanding this better.

Meanwhile, if you want to broadcast and do private shows at 12 tokens a minute, which works out to 6 cents a minute in your pocket aproximately, then go sign up at Stripchat.

Or if you are into paying for private shows and think the new 12 tokens a minute price point is attractive, then Stripchat might be the site for you.