AdultWork.Com is an old established site for all kinds of adult services and has included webcam work for some time. Recently they launched “” which is a dedicated cam site, backed by the same company, but with an entirely different look and feel.

The old AdultWork.Com, which was originally British focused and on the domain AdultWork.Co.Uk, still exists and includes Phone Sex, SMS Sexting, Escort booking, and a whole range of other real-world sex services. Their Webcam section has grown over the years and you can now find as the first tab on their site which shows its importance.

Within the main AdultWork site, you can find probably several hundred models available for camming, it seems to be almost but not exactly the same list who you find at AW so I presume models have to sign up separately or at least choose separately whether to broadcast on each.

If you haven’t used their site before you’ll find the interface a little odd, it is unlike most modern websites and takes a while to get used to. On the other hand, AWLive.Com is a very typical modern cam site and easy for me to navigate.

On AW Live you can easily scroll through the “free previews”, some of which are available to guests while others require a free basic account to watch. There is no nudity or shows going on in free, that is something you’ll only find in Group or Private mode.

The whole site has a slightly British feel about it, you can’t miss the fact that this is run by English people. Compared to most sites it is slightly strict, which can be a good thing, but initially is a little disconcerting.

An example of what I mean is a note in the free guest preview mode:

Please note: Nudity is not offered in free preview mode. To avoid embarrassment please refrain from requesting such until you are in Group or Private mode.

Nothing wrong with that as such. Just the “avoid embarrassment” thing is very English, I remembering reading that one of the defining characteristics of English people is a constant feeling of being embarrassed.

Not a great attitude for live cam sex I would have thought, but somehow they have made it work. I guess it depends on what you are used to.

Anyway, there is plenty to see, though no nudity, on AW.Live and I’ll be checking it out in more detail. I’m also keen to see how it compares with another big British webcam site, Rampant.TV.