The idea of a fetish specific live cam site is a good one, but sadly doesn’t seem to have much activity at the moment

When people just say “fetish” of course they are not talking about sex fetishes in general because there is a huge range of things can have a fetish about, but they are more likely to be talking about BDSM or S/M related fetish, so that’s great of course.

It would make total sense to have a live cam site that focused on this type of fetish interest. Both the models who like it and the viewers who are into it tend to be quite specific and focused on what they want. It is different from general or “mainstream” sex and pretending otherwise doesn’t get you very far. That’s why Stripchat recently started validating the specific kinks that models claim to cater to.

You do see “fetish” sections on a few other cam sites, but they tend to be small and often have models in who are not really focused on that part of their performance. If My Fetish can provide for that community then it would be great, and I’d love to see it spread out into a wider range of things that are fetishes.

Camming is a great way for people to express their fetishes. I tend to wear heels all the time on cam so I get plenty of people who come into my room because they either have a foot fetish, or a shoe fetish. That means I can end up taking shoes on and off many times during a show!

Other sex fetishes that connect with me are ones for long hair, as my hair goes down to my butt, and of course ass and anal as that’s something people like about it.

If MyFetishLive is more about BDSM and whips and chains type fetish then it probably wouldn’t be the right place for me to broadcast as I’m a pain-coward, though I do sometimes put on nipple clips when people ask for that.

At the moment there are no performers online at myfetish live so I’m unable to tell how active it is or how the chat works. And honestly, the thumbnails of the models don’t have the classic “fetish” look to them, but perhaps it will be better when things are online.

Do you have a fetish that camming lets you express? Tell me about it in the forum or leave a comment below!