Webcam Models is not like any other cam site! ” That’s what they say on the first line of, and in a way they are right. It is all oriented around the idea of “free chat with girls”, but there is also a tipping system here.

On the one hand, the design looks enormously outdated, like one of the first chat-rooms from the 1990s. There are chat “rooms” around different themes, and each room may contain many broadcasters, and chat and video are going on everywhere.

There really is some community and party atmosphere going on, but it does take a bit of time to work out what is going on.

You won’t find so many of the pro-studio models here, even though the pay for models is a very respectable rate of 70%. That’s probably because not a huge amount of money is being made here, it seems really to be more about the community and chat.

Navigating the system is pretty counter-intuitive if you are used to a site like CB. I’ll have to write up a more detailed review after I’ve spent some time checking out the rooms and games here! Yes, there seem to games, mostly roll-the-dice it seems.

If you have used the site let me know what you think of it in the forum or by leaving a comment below, meanwhile just visit and check it out.