A text chat room where anybody can turn on their webcam? That’s the premise of chatville.com, and it kind of works, but not for everybody.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman you are going to have to create an account before you can turn on your webcam. There are lots of promises about how your account is going to be free, with no card required, and let you see up to 16 webcams at the same time.

This is the big special feature of the site, what makes it the better alternative to Chatroulette, is that you don’t see just one cam but up to 16.

After specifying your gender you can go into a chat room that is very busy indeed, and which has live, apparently, girls broadcasting now and then.

Doing just about anything interactive requires a free account though.

Like all random and “community” chat sites it plays to the fantasy that there are hot girls out there who want to show themselves to men, and are delighted to see dick pics or watch guys’ cocks on webcam.

None of that is true of course, but people like to imagine it and cam girl sites help to satisfy the desire for this fantasy.

For Random chat sites like this, they have to get you to sign up first before you realize what is really inside.

  • Accounts can be either Free at no charge, or $27 with 0 recurring monthly. But you do have to maintain a balance of at least 270 Tokens to keep VIP status.

This is a site where people can gift you tokens, and if you get at least 270 tokens you can use it to keep your VIP account.

Basically, you sign up for a free account, and if you can earn $27 in tokens in 30 minutes you’ll be able to get a VIP account for free and continue to broadcast.

Free accounts have random names, so you can’t create your own choice of name to match the ones you might have used elsewhere. This isn’t a good place for building branding for camgirls then.

Connect to a range of different rooms such as “Champagne” or “Fantasy”. I went into the “Over 40” which had 125 users in it. Most of the rooms are empty or have one or two people but a handful has over 100.

But although I made an account and verified it immediately it said my 30 free minutes had expired and bugged me to upgrade to a paid account.

The price is that you get 300 tokens for $27.00 – and you[‘ll have to keep 270 of them in your account to be a VIP.

  • 1 Token = $0.09 (300 Tokens Minimum)

That didn’t seem right to me so I’ve not done it yet but will try again soon.

The site is run by a company called Cammedia.com which does the billing and boasts they accept all credit, debit, and pre-paid cards issued by Visa or MasterCard, and Bitcoin.