It is official. Nobody wants to see your dick pics.

Although the, mostly female, models at cam sites are ostensively the “exhibitionists” in the cam girl world, it seems there is a lot of demand from the, mostly male, viewers to have their cocks seen.

Seen and admired, or even seen and criticized.

SPH (small penis humiliation) is a popular demand which I, and most cam girls, are happy to cater to. Perhaps that is because of the humorous contrast to a great many males who are insistent that their cocks are the best in the world, and that we should absolutely swoon over them.

That isn’t true as they should have learned by now, but sadly don’t.

Never mind though, if viewers are willing to pay for cam2cam then cam girls happy to watch whatever is put in front of the camera as long as the c2c session is running; preferably in a paid private chat.

Those economics show pretty clearly where the demand is. Men not only want to look at cam girls, but they want to be seen by them.

By comparison, as proved by the highly-unscientific Twitter poll at the top of this post, cam girls are not really interested in seeing the men. They may like sweet words, are happy with tips and tokens, and appreciate a flexible and communicative customer who they can please so that everybody is happy.

What they don’t need to do is to see him, or his dick.

That isn’t to say that cam girls are not interested in seeing pictures.

They are.

But mostly of cute things.

And as always, kittens win the internet.