It doesn’t advertise their live video but the fansite does have a live video section and, like LoyalFans, it is a good mix of pictures, recorded videos and live cam streams.

What makes this site different is their location in Madrid, Spain, making it a real Spanish website with Latina girls from the Old World. If you thought OleCams was good, but had too many Colombian cam girls, then you’ll like LoverFans.

Like most fan sites it doesn’t focus on who is online but on who has posted. Everybody wants to be the new Facebook these days even though FB itself is dying.

LoverFans also makes a point of being an uncensored fan site, they like to suggest that they allow absolutely everything. But while “free speech” is great and almost everybody agrees is a good thing there is wide disagreement on exactly where the line should be draw for the “obviously not ok” things.

At LoyalFans that line is drawn well beyond most sites and you will find things there that other sites don’t allow.

The site does only have a very few models actively working it though, and even fewer of those are online.

All the ones I saw were from Spain, though some of the posts are in English plenty more are in Spanish.

If you want outrageous content, like Spanish girls and preferably read or speak Spanish then it is worth trying out. The small quantity of people posting and broadcasting (or “emitting” as the badly translated Spanish to English text says) makes the less attractive than OleCams for Spanish or LoyalFans for content with occasional live shows.