If camgirls can use Yahoo, Skype, Zoom or Discord why not Facetime as well? That’s the idea behind England-based SaucyTime.com which offers to match you up with Facetime cam camgirls for a flat rate of £2 a minute.

Yes, this is Apple Facetime-based, so Android and Windows users can’t download it. However, anybody who with a web browser can enter a Facetime call using an invite link created by an Apple iPhone, iPad, or macOS (12 or higher) device.

Not sure how to do that? Here is a good SFW guide to the Apple-to-Window tech.

The saucytime.com website does demand that you have a real facetime Apple account though, you have to agree to that to even create an account there so they are not officially supporting any non-Apple users regardless of whether that might work technically.

Why “Saucy” though? They don’t mean Ketchup! In England, Saucy means sexy, or at least flirty so it is a play on words. Do you get it? The Brits love their wordplay.

Although the website is very British, as in the payments are done in British Pounds and the addresses are all in London, England, girls there are from around the world.

I saw one from the UK Midlands, one from Canada, and another from Colombia while a tranny model was live from the Philippines.

Each model has an online profile page with a brief description and some gallery pictures.; Not a lot of detail to be honest, and you can’t search for girls by any attribute. But with only a handful of models online at SaucyTime, it may not matter.

For each SaucyTime girl you get a choice of “Mail me” and “Book call”. The mail system requires that you be a paying customer, though it doesn’t charge by messages as such.

Sorry, although email is free, you must have available credit to contact the girls.

If you want to add funds to your account, which they call “topup” as they do about phone cards in the UK, then it is a credit card only. From £10 to 100 you can add using MasterCard or Visa and be charged via a UK payment gateway called emerchantpay or “emppay.com”.

Without any credits you also can’t book a call either so it is hard to get a feel for what the site is like without putting down some cash.

I’ll get some funds in the system soon and investigate it in more detail; on the face of it the idea seems similar to any Skype camgirl site so it should work fine, but just this one is rather small and doesn’t have a lot of choices. It isn’t even very specific to British Cam girls so if you want to find UK girls you have better places to look.