There used to be a top-rank cam girl site called Peekshows, but sadly it is long dead. There is no connection to this new site I’m looking at called “Peeks Social” that you can find at both and, as well as a Peeks Social App on your phone.

If you are looking for the old now the domain takes you to Flirt4Free which is a great site, but different. and Peeks.Social are domains for a new site that is quite unrelated.

The “.social” in the name of Peeks.Social is a clue that they are trying to bridge the gap between social sites, and particularly community free cams, and adult camming.

The emphasis is on browsing live cams, which are grouped into “Popular” “Live” and “18+”. They all appear to be live rooms when I look so I’m not sure of the difference between the Live and the other sections.

When you visit the site you will find that there is an emphasis on “Go live” and creating “Posts”. There are big buttons up at the top of the screen for each of these. It is all very social.

You really can’t do anything at Peeks without an account, so you’ll need to use the “Sign Up” button. The signup page is comparatively demanding as it asks for a lot of different things. More things than most signup pages:

  • Salutation
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Birthday
  • Country

It is a little too much really, and there are no options for Social sign-in as is increasingly common across all sites. You can’t log in with Google, Twitter, or anything else. Basically, email is it.

Although your email is demanded it isn’t required to log in, as soon as you give your detail;s you are on the site as a logged-in user.

You can view chats, buy coins (Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin only). The Bitcoin exchange rate is bad though, don’t do it unless you already have them or your cards are not safe or usable for porn purchases and you want to use Crypto for privacy.

Once you are on the site as a logged-in user it becomes possible to hit the “18+” tab to see the adult rooms. There is a bit of sexy-looking tease here, and strangely multiple rooms with the same model. I don’t get that part.

Each room has some symbols on the thumbnail, like an orange “$” or a green flash for “Live” or for “Featured”.

Even without those you do get into a free nude chat room, in one a hot-looking African American girl with neon yellow hair was wearing a pink lace lingerie top that didn’t cover her bare pussy. Fun to look at but not that interactive.

Watching, listening and reading are all free but to chat with her you need to have paid for coins. That doesn’t mean it costs to chat, but just that free accounts don’t get text chat privileges.

The rooms with an orange “$” on them request payment to go into the room to see anything. One room was asking for a “minimum tip of 50 coins” just to enter but with no indication of what, I’d see in the room. Room prices seem to be around 50 or 30, and are a one-off payment in advance.

Some of the other rooms are free to enter and have a range of different girls wearing more or less, and just chatting or even singing along.

It is fun, but not that sexy compared to other tipping camgirl sites.

Some of the girls here are getting tips, but you just see a “hearts” animation when they do, it isn’t clear what they are getting.

Buttons along the left of the screen let you tip the model. There are buttons for various set amounts, or you can use a button to “subscribe to her”.

“DippedinChocolate” for example charges $20.95 for a monthly subscription which gives access to “subscriber only content” and “15% discount on paid streams, photos and posts”.

All very similar to LoyalFans really.

The models at Peeks are a very different style from the ones at LF though.

While LoyalFans cam girls are almost all white cam girls, and with a strong contingent of Godesses and Mistresses, the ethnic range at is a lot darker.

There are a lot more African American girls here, up to 50% would be in the ebony camgirl category on another site. And most of them seem to be in their own room broadcasting from their phone. Some Latina cam girls too, but they really do look more like people hanging out at home rather than professional or studio broadcasters.

Some are hot, some are badly lit, but they are all quite random. There is good stuff here, but it is a very rough mixture.

This is the first time I’ve seen a camgirl actively turn off her room lights and get into bed, making it almost impossible to see her. But she was tired, so she is going to sleep.

No, she started to watch TV, so I’m watching her watching TV.

It is a little … Strange. Particularly as she is all wrapped up in a blanket and I’m not seeing even a bare thigh.

Most of them are broadcasting from their phones and is a popular phone app, but if you visit via the website as I did then you get a web interface and an option to broadcast from your PC using OBS.

If you have used OBS before then the setup is easy, but if not then there are few clues here and no web broadcasting.

Set up the OBS stream server and key then gets the connection and asks you to start your stream.

You need a room title, and a rating (G, 14 or 18+) and choose if it is a public, and followers or a charged room.

I set up an 18+ room and it went live right away.

What isn’t clear to me is how the tipping is done but it looks as though there is plenty to explore here.

Cashouts can be via Paypal, wire, card or CCBill.

Take a look at the site and let me know your impressions!