Am I imagining it or is there a boom going on in Turkish cam girl sites?, Goruntulu Sohbet, is another one that I’ve come across recently. And unlike the other ones I’ve seen this one does welcome English speaking visitors, though they will have to make a little extra effort to compensate for the not-quite-complete translations.

With a bit of guesswork and some goodwill, you can certainly use this site to see what kind of hot cam models you’ll find in Turkey.

At first, I’m sort of surprised about this, I understand Turkey is a Muslim country and so I thought it was quite a conservative country, even a bit puritanical. But then may become a good place for people who can’t express themselves in public to go online and do nude modeling instead.

If you want to meet some Turkish cam girls but don’t read Turkish then this may be a better option than some other websites based in Turkey which have no English at all.

Although very small, I saw only 4 girls in public rooms, they are very popular in Turkey and are growing their technology rapidly. There is even a mobile phone app, at least one for Android, I couldn’t make the link for the Apple iOS app work.

They even have a “BossKey”, I haven’t seen one of those in a long time. It used to be a thing in video games that there would be a boss key, so that if your boss walked into your office you could hit that key and instantly switch to some boring spreadsheet. That is in the pre-Window days when games took over your whole PC and there was no multi-tasking! At Derya the boss key is F8 and if you hit it then the screen instantly changes to some sort of Turkish news site!

Let me know if you have any information about using this site, make a post in the cam forum, or leave a comment below. Thanks.