Masturbating and porn seem like rather private and personal activities that you do at home in the privacy of your own room. But for many people there is an extra zing if they can get to do it outdoors. Some of that comes from the exhibitionist thrill and some from the idea of being “naughty” and doing something that is clearly against the rules of society.

Cam girls have always been up for a challenge and going outdoors with their live broadcasts is one that appeals to some. There are quite a few technical challenges as well as legal and regulatory aspects that make it hard. But if you are persistent then everything is possible and outdoor cam girls are a new niche.

The first outdoor cam girls were actually indoors; mostly in libraries. There are plenty of recordings of girls broadcasting from a quiet college library, flashing under the desk or sitting on the floor in a quiet book-lined row using a dildo.

Fast internet in college libraries, hyper-sexed college girls who plenty of horniness but not much cash all came together.

That is until someone realized this was probably illegal and made some rules to stop it.

Today the majority of cam sites don’t allow that kind of broadcasting. Anywhere that someone might see.

For some viewers that takes away the whole point of outside camming, so there are now a few choices of where you can go and see girls broadcasting outside. Originally it was all on laptops and of course that limited what they could do, but today any mobile phone has a great camera and with some technical settings you can get a Lovense Lush working as well.

Strolling around the mall or along the beach, fully dressed and wearing a Lush wearable vibrator, while chatting to your fans on a cam site is something every cam girl should try.

Keeping to the rules, which typically say that nobody but the registered broadcaster should ever appear in the video, is a challenge at times but most girls are able to (mostly) abide by this.

Two cam sites have specific sections just for outdoor broadcasts, while one more has a few outdoor cam girls if you look for them.


Cam4 allows broadcasters to work outdoors, and they even encourage it. However, not many people have taken them up on their offer and if you use the tags to look at the #Outdoor cams at Cam4 you may find only one or two, or maybe none.

You might do better to simply look at cam4 mobile cam girls which was recently upgraded.

If the Cam4 outdoor section isn’t much good where should you go for cam girl shows that are outside? There are still several choices open to you including: is constantly adding new features and going where other cam sites dare not. That includes some things that are against the rules elsewhere but are allowed on SC. It isn’t surprising therefore to see that Stripchat has a good range of models broadcasting outside in various situations. Although a few are really just at home or in their personal garden, there are plenty who are going out and about and taking some sexy risks.

Despite the tag they are not all really outside, a few of them are in their bedrooms just like any other cam. A few are really in the street, garden, car or are going shopping though. You can tell which ones those are pretty easily and if you go in to their live chat room you will see quite a different experience to the regular cam rooms.


Bongacams also has a few outdoor models but they don’t have a separate section for them so it can be harder to find them. Just browse along the top row and you’ll find a few as they tend to be popular.

Most of the Bongacam girls who are outside are broadcasting from their cars or from some sort of wilderness setting. A few are using their phones around the house but it isn’t many. Certainly across the top of the first page selection you’ll find plenty of at least partially outdoors cams if you just click that “#mobile Live” filter button.

Bongacams has actually made a nice app for models to use on their phones and that may explain more people doing it on that site, you can even do cam2cam on a mobile!

If you know of another good place to find cam girls outdoors then let me know in the comments or make a post in the forum and I’ll update this list.