Cam4 has been planning some upgrades for a while and now several of them have gone live. Some subtle refinements to the web interface make the buttons more modern, but it is on the mobile version of the service that things have really improved.

On the desktop or web interface the changes are subtle but they squash the goals into a loading bar, reduce the button sizes and generally clean up the interface so it looks more modern and saves space for the video, which is what matters of course.

The taps for chat, PM, users and games are improved but still work as before.

If you are using cam4 on the mobile interface then you’ll find that the changes are more dramatic.

Previously you had either a choice of filling most of the screen with video, or of having a small video with text chat below it.

Now you can combine them all by cycling through three possible views. Either regular video with chat, zoomed video with chat overlayed, or zoomed video with chat hidden.

Once you have tapped the zoom button then you also get another button, the eye to disable viewing the text.

Once you have hidden the text then the screen is almost entirely taken up by the video, which makes good sense on mobile where the screen in small enough as it is.

Most cam girls are using high quality HD webcams, and those broadcast in wide 16:9 format, like HD TV. On your mobile it is portrait mode though, a vertical oritentation.

Cam4 therefore allow syou to scroll or pan left and right so that you can see every part of the video, or focus on the particular part of the scene you want to see.

This is a great feature and makes watching studio and at-home cam girls all the more practical on your mobile.

It is not an entirely new feature though as LiveJasmin has had this in their mobile version for some time.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that Cam4, which is a good deal cheaper for many things than LiveJasmin, now introduces this good viewing experience.

With more models broadcasting using their mobiles on all the sites, including on Cam4 which has great support for mobile broadcasting, it really makes it a much friendly experience and people no longer need a “real computer” to watch live porn. Just like reading the news, playing games, or managing your finances, it is now somehitn you can do on the move.

Just be careful who is sitting next to you on the subway and is looking over your shoulder when you are watching cam girls!

Try out the new Cam4 viewing experience by visiting now.