has announced the implementation of more stringent rules regarding the use of flags to curb the issue of flag spam.

What is flag spam?

Flag spam occurs when a user misrepresents their location by displaying the flag of a country they are not in, misleading viewers.

You’ll have seen this if, for example, you only are interested in American girls and have used the excellent search at Stripchat to find “American camgirls”. Although this works, it isn’t as accurate as you might expect because people *lie* about where they are.

Why does this happen?

There are several reasons behind this deception, ranging from understandable to deceitful.

On the reasonable side every camgirl has to preserve her privacy and safety and being untruthful about where she is located can help that. You could simply refuse to say where you are, but for some reason many viewers are rather insistent that you say where you are and won’t take no for an answer.

Perhaps they are looking for real-life dates with camgirls. Sometimes I think they are trying to find girlfriends on cam sites, which is *not* a thing.

On the other hand, there is the unscrupulous practice of camgirls from less affluent regions posing as if they are based in wealthier countries to attract a higher-paying clientele.

This kind of flag spam is what has been occurring more and more at Stripchat, with the American girls’ section increasingly filled with models from South American, Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia.

While those models may be great in their own way, they are not what a typical viewer is looking for when he searches for “American camgirls”.

The new rules at Stripchat are to combat this problem.

If a camgirl is going to publicly state her location, and therefore have a country flag on her thumbnail picture, she can only choose the actual country she is from. That is based on the nationality shown on the ID documents she submitted.

Now I can see problems right away with this as there are many people who don’t live in the country that issued their passport. Perhaps they have emigrated, or just live and work somewhere other than where they were born.

Those are exceptions though, and I hope that Stripchat will treat them fairly, but for now, it does solve the problem for the majority of people.

That means you can click on those flags at Stripchat with much greater confidence. If you want an American camgirls, or for that matter an Asian one, then you can both use the search filters, and use the flags, as being much more reliable.

If you are a model at Stripchat and have been using a false flag to protect yourself then you’ll have to switch to simply not saying where you are. That is what I do and when people ask I’ll just have to say that I won’t talk about personal information for privacy and safety, most people understand that, and if they don’t then there is always the ban hammer. Sorry, not sorry.

Have you encountered issues with flag spam on Stripchat? Is it better now with these new rules taking immediate effect? Share your experiences in the comments below!