Camplace is a great small cam site with a particularly good mobile interface, but what it doesn’t have is a huge number of girls online. Camplace price their models at the lower end of the price range, particularly the studio models from Colombia.

Prices for private shows are quoted in “tokens”, and the price of tokens varies according to how many you buy at a time. You can read the details about their discount tokens but the basic idea is that the more you buy at a time the cheaper they are.

At the best price it costs only 8 cents per token. That contrasts with the worst price of 12 cents, but nobody should buy that anyway as it is just 50 tokens.

How far do your tokens go is of course the significant thing here is how far the tokens go in a private show. The price range is quite large but there are some common pricing points.

Common prices per minute of live cam girl shows at Camplace

The most common pricing is at 30 tokens a minute, which is a price selected by over a third of the models online. At 8 cents a minute that equates to $2.40 for each 60 seconds of live video chat. This is a mediem-low price and is good when you consider that the choice of models, though not large, includes some very nice models indeed. I’m particularly fond of Sasha Rouge who manages to get that belnd of cute-slutty-yet-innocement going on that makes it worth watching her for hours.

And Sasha isn’t even one of those at the medium price, her per-minute charge is only 6 tokens. Six tokens at Camplace is less than half a dollar, only 48 cents. That’s cheaper than the apparently discount Asian cam girls at Asiancammodels or the Ukrainian cam models of camcontacts.

Generally the lower prices are the more popular ones, few of the models select the higher prices even though that is allowed by the site.

Number of Camplace cam girls charing private show prices in tokens

The lower price from 6 tokens a minute is the most common one, but a medium price of 30 is also popular, the intermediate prices are rarely chosen.

There are models from different countries at Camplace, but it isn’t an even spread around the world, they are mostly from a small number of places. While only a few of them actually say where they are from you can guess from the languages they speak.

Camplace cam girls speak a range of languages, and prices relate to that

The most expensive cam girls in my little survey were those who offered German and English, you can suppose those are from Germany where most people speak English as well. But though they had the highest maximum price there were also models presumed to be from Germany who were at the lower price point of 18 tokens, but none at the bottom of 6 tokens a minute.

At that bottom price level many of the models don’t say what languages they speak, but of the ones that do they are all the same. English and Spanish, of the Castilian variety.

Castiliano is what people in the south of America call Spanish, they don’t call it Espanol the way those in North or Central America do.

That means that the models who list their languages as English and Spanish; Castilian are not those from the area of Castil in Spain, but more likely to be ones from Colombia. Several of them specifically say they are from the second city in Colombia, Medellin. That is a place that was once known for crime, particularly drug crime but is now a trendy place for entrepreneurs and high-tech businesses.

Such as cam model studios.

It seems that the price for models at Camplace is set mostly by the presence of studio models from Colombia who are charging that low price of 6 tokens a minute. Remember that 6 tokens is only $0.48, which means that private chat at Camplace costs less than half a dollar a minute for many of the models, including some of the hottest ones.

Given how hot many of those models are it is a great deal and just a pity that there are not more choices online.