A new site has just been launched by the company behind LiveJasmin to enter the market for adult content creators.

Named “bimbim.com” it offers live video right away, but also wants to get your attention to the idea of supporting adult content creators.

Everyboy has noticed that being a cam girl is not enough and that building your own fan base, even in places like Instagram, is the way to go. Once you have fans then you can provide, and sell, them content in a wide range of places.

OnlyFans and ManyVids are the top sites for content at the moment but they are only just now moving into live camming.

LiveJasmin has many years of experience with that part so we can expect it to be technically competent and user-friendly.

Is there room for another content site? It may be too soon to say. But meanwhile, the more the merrier and more choices for both creators and fans can’t be a bad thing.

Visit bimbim.com today and try it out. Leave me a comment or post in the forum if you have some more information about them.