Camplace is one of the highest tech of the small cam sites, and so it is a bit of a surprise that Camplace mobile is only available on the web, and there is no App or apk for Android or for iOS.

As this is one of the best places to find Spanish-speaking cam girls at a discount rate many people visit on mobile phones and tablets. Only the viewers are using mobile though. Although there is an official way for the cam girls to broadcast using their phones, in practice, I have yet to ever see one do so.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to browse the models as they are available to watch from phones as well as desktops.

The girl browsing window works fine, and as there are never that many models online at Camplace you won’t’ have much difficulty scrolling through and finding the one that you want.

Camplace does continue to remind you on mobile to become a premium member, but as with the desktop interface, you can still get it to continue by just closing the unwanted prompt.

Go into any of the Spanish cam girl’s rooms to get a half and half view that includes video and text chat with all the controls.

As the girls are not streaming from mobiles themselves their video tends to be wide-screen so it looks better if you turn your phone sideways compared to watching them fullscreen with your phone held upright.

Even when you are fullscreen sideways video on your mobile at Camplace you can still access the controls, here you can see sound, quality and exit-fullscreen. Tap again and you get the tip controls as well so you can interact with the model even while you are using your whole phone to watch her.

Despite the fact that there are no mobile phone Apps for it actually works perfectly well on mobile so you can just use your normal phone browser. Try it out now and let me know in the comments how you find using Camplace mobile.