A survey was shown to hundreds of viewers of this site, as well as people interested in camgirls on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and other social platforms I use.

Although everybody agreed on the most unhygienic thing that camgirls do, there was a split when it came to the second and third places.

Camgirls and camgirl viewers couldn’t agree on what was the second most unhygienic thing, with the same thing being considered either disgusting or perfectly normal by different people.

The choices they had, in Alphabetical Order:

  • Ass to mouth
  • Ass to vagina
  • Pee in the shower
  • Wearing shoes in bed

I must admit that I was more interested in the ass questions and just wanted to compare ass play with the shower and bed as known points. I mean everybody knows the answer to that don’t they?

Well, it turned out that no they don’t.

Overall the results came out like this:

  • Ass to mouth – 41%
  • Wearing shoes in bed 21%
  • Pee in the shower – 19%
  • Ass to vagina – 14%

A2M is by far the most unhygienic thing a cam girl can do. And while we see it all the time either advertised in a room description, or in a tip menu, or just as part of a show everybody knows that isn’t a clean thing to do.

Shoes, however, that was not what I was expecting in second place.

What is the most unhygienic thing that camgirls do

Perhaps I should have been more clear about what sort of “shoes” I mean. For me, shoes-while-camming is all about the fuck-me-heels and various platforms that guys with a foot fetish like to see me wear, or dangle.

Before I started wearing shoes on cam I didn’t know about dangle. But now I do. It is a whole thing and kind of fun in a strange way.

Wearing street shoes in bed is, for me, totally different from wearing play-shoes. But I think that for many people the whole idea of shoes is just dirty regardless. Of course some people like dirty shoes, the dirty is part of the whole attraction, and while I am generally happy to help out guys with particular fetishes that one is a bit hard for me to get my head around.

Viewers and Camgirls don’t agree

What is apparent when you look closer is that camgirls and viewers are not in agreement on how these things compare.

That makes sense given that they have a different perspective on things. Camgirls are much more concerned about their actual bodily health, and frankly, most men have a weak understanding of feminine hygiene.

Breaking it down then what are the most unhygienic things that cam girls do, according to camgirls themselves?

  • Ass to mouth 45%
  • Ass to vagina – 33%
  • Wearing shoes in bed – 11%
  • Pee in the shower – 0

Camgirls really don’t care about peeing in the shower. It all goes down the drain after all. But A2M and A2V are both big risky things to do.

They do it anyway, and we know perfectly well why. Because viewers, who are the paying customers, like to see it.

Once we have broken cam girls out of the data then that means the remaining are viewers, And does that change the results and show us anything?

  • Ass to mouth – 36%
  • Pee in the shower – 32%
  • Wearing shoes in bed – 20%
  • Ass to vagina – 8%

So with A2M quite reasonably still up there at the top the question becomes what is #2. And it is a “number 1” if you see what I mean.

Peeing in the shower is really an unhygienic thing for camgirls to do, at least according to their viewers.

I thought that golden showers, piss play and peeing were a popular if distinct fetish. But perhaps most guys really find that too dirty.

Or maybe they like dirty, I mean “dirty” is a whole fetish in itself.

Want to read more about the pros and cons of peeing in the shower?

Reddit always has plenty!

And the whole shoes-on-bed thing is also a matter of debate.

Does this change anything about what I think is clean or not clean to do in a cam show? Not really, but it is good to know that not everybody is on the same page because otherwise we would be shocked.

Shocked I tell you!