Want to be a Star at LoverFans? It isn’t hard to get to be one at Loverfans.com, and although the site is a “content site” it does include live streaming so you can use it as a cam site, presuming you have some followers to bring there.

Sign up for a regular account at LoverFans and then choose to become a star. That’s their word for being a model / broadchaster / chathost / camgirl / content creator or whatever else you want to call us.

Click your profile page, or the Publish button, and you’ll see the prompt to become a star.

The details you have to give are pretty basic:

Username, Display Name, Email, Mobile Phone and Monthly subscription price.

You will already have set a password when you created the initial account.

The next thing is a ID verification, and this clearly is behing handled by one of those automated ID verifier services that online banks you.

All you have to do is upload or take a picture of your picture ID, then show your face live to your webcam to get it to work.

It takes only seconds, and the approval comes through in less than 30 minutes.

Compared to the drawn out and lengthy approval lprocess at many camsites this is truely a streamlined process.

Become an STAR!
Being an STAR will open a new world of possibilities and you will be able to earn money while enjoying Loverfans!
 Upload Premium content only for your best FANS
 Earn money interacting with your fans

Once you have gone through all the set up process you get a thank you page, which is in Spanish. Even though the entire rest of the signup process was in English (or whatever language you chose) that last page is Spanish and I suspect that means the site is from Spain.

They accept models offering a range of different content, it is really up to you to deicde what to post or broadcast.

Describe yourself

Signup for an account here and become a star!