Are you a Top or a bottom?

No, not your BDSM position but your preference for your Stripchat Tip Menu.

Models can now change the order in which their activities are listed in the Tip menu.

A cam girl at Stripchat should go to “My Show Controls” tab on their broadcasting page to access the feature.

Menu activities can be sorted in in two ways:

By price. Automatically filter activities from higher to lower prices or the other way around. In the Tip menu in “My Show Controls,” click on the “PRICE, TK” and choose the price order that suits you.

This works on all devices.

Manually. Each Stripchat cam girl knows herself and her fans best, so Stripchat offers them the freedom to organize activities one by one. Manual order change is accessed in “My Show Controls.” Click on six dots to the left of the activities list, and drag the activity up or down. For now, this only works on desktop devices. But then most models broadcast from a desktop unless they are doing outside broadcasts from their mobile.