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Jim says: “The cam-community is a part of the “” website, and it includes a profile section where people can post pictures and tell a little about themselves, a text-only chat, and, as of this week, two video chat rooms. Registration is free, but required to enter. So is a webcam, or some kind of video signal telling their software – camfrog – that a “cam” is present. In reality, inside, a lot of cams are “not detectable” or black, or turned away from anything interesting.

Registered members

Every registered member gets 60 minutes a day cam time, one cam at a time. Members who upgrade get unlimited cam time, and up to 100 cams simultaneously, for 14.95 a month.

So what about the content? It’s push-button voice and video chat with the ability to pm people after asking and the right to create private rooms (for paying members). The quality of the video obviously depends on the quality of the input signal and thus differs a lot from chatter to chatter – while it doesn’t offer full-screen options, the camfrog video software allows windows up to about 800*600px, and down to stamp size.

Similar to Adultfriendfinder

As with AFF, which is the only relevant community site I am aware of, there is a majority of male chattters and primary sexual organs on camera, but also a significant amount of couples and single females, who are usually very enthusiastic and exhibitionist. Chatters are international, the most common language used is English, and they seem to be from all relevant age groups, with a likely majority of women in their 30s and men in their 40s.

I checked at different times during the day, and there were usually about 200-300 people online, about 30-40 of which were identifiable as women, about 5-10 of which were actually broadcasting their camfeed. At peak times, several couples were having sex, as well as several women were masturbating online, some of them taking suggestions from the guys watching.

Regular crowd

There seems to be a regular crowd of people who seem to have become familiar with each other. Compared to the private feeds at AFF, I think watchersweb is clearly the superior choice for an adult cam community. The video quality is not as good as sites like or privatefeeds are offering now, but it is certainly better than what a lot of java based cam rooms are offering.

Enjoy adult chatting

In general, I’d say, for people who are willing get out of a customer mood and who interested in enjoying adult chatting with benefits with male and female peers, and not with a model of their choice, seems like a great alternative to many webcam services. It would be perfect if they offered WMV capable streams for full screen with a semi-transparent directx overlay for the text on the full screen, and the ability to tune into someone’s soundfeed all the time, instead of listening to the voice chat, or simply disabling it. But then again, there aren’t that many camsites that are exploiting available technology to its max, so that’s nitpicking.

best, Jim”

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