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Those of you who follow my reviews will know that I generally avoid writing an actual review, though I may do a news item, on a new site until it has been around a few months. That is because new sites have teething problems it is unfair to report on, plus a large percentage of new sites never become old sites -- they simply fold very rapidly.  However with  TheDailyPeep I seem to have left this delay a lot too long!

First mentioned in my news of 10 June 2007 it is now almost a year later and if it wasn't for a polite reminder I got from their admin I wouldn't have remember that I had let it slip.  So very sorry about that but now at least I do have a chance to take a look at a more established site.

Updating this now in 2009 I see that the site has continued to grow, but is still a small sites.  They have got rid of the animated "peel back" ads at the top left and top right of the screen.  The Daily Peep still have the member's competition with a $500 prize -- presumably in credits -- run twice a month.  While the opposite side offers chathosts a chance to win up to $1000.   Both side get some secondary prizes though if you don't make it to the top.

So how is this all working?  It is getting some hosts online -- I'm seeing 74+ which is a fair number and up from around 50 six months ago.  We are not talking ifriends/imlive/camcontacts here but for a 18 month old site it is an ok size to have attained.

I'll let you have the breakdown as an example: All Models [75] Women Alone [59] Lesbian [3] Straight Couples [3] Mature [3] Guy Alone(Straight) [0] Guy Alone(Gay) [4] Transgender(TS/TV) [3] Fetish [0] Dungeon [0] - that also shows you where they are strong (girls) and weak (guys and special interests).

That's all the categories they got and it seems reasonable.  No searching by type like Neoncams so you can't go straight to that 35 year old Asian shaved BBW you are looking for (and no, it isn't me!) - but for a small site this is fine.

Now not all of these rooms offer free chat -- that is a choice for the host, they can be in free or private only.  About a quarter of the online webcams are offering free chat -- when I looked it was mostly Asian studio girls, Filipina for the most part, with a few blonds probably from Germany thrown in.  Judging by the language flags they also have a few Spanish ladies working the webcams.

One German speaking host might have been an at-home worker based on her profile pics but when I went into free chat I found I could not actually chat -- I could see the chat window and other people chatting but when I entered text into the chat box I got a "You can not chat because you are not registered" warning.  So off we go to do a free register.

This is a typical username/password type registration with no CC details and throwaway email works fine and I got the required confirmation email almost instantly, one click later I'm ready to login which takes me to my account page which emphasizes their various competitions.

Once you are logged in the free chat window grows a few options -- take this model private, buy credits and profile -- the video remains smallish and was not that smooth for the rooms I checked in on though.

At least the text chat was not busy though and quite polite -- I did get kicked from a room though when I asked a fully dressed host if she would show some skin.  I think that's reasonable when you can go to flirt4free etc and all the hosts are in bra/panties or lingerie but apparently this host decided not.  Well that's ok and totally her right -- but it isn't going to earn her a lot of quick fans.

That was just one room though -- the next had a nice looking lady in a fully see-through bikini top which got her a lot of nice comments.  I saw one chatter going off to buy credits for this one -- but then came unstuck when he couldn't pay with American Express.

Then this is a strange one -- I asked her how much private was, and she won't give me a straight answer.  "Take me pvt to find out bb" etc etc.  Which of course is the wrong way around, people want to know how much before they decide!

So if you want to buy credits first it is via Verotel or ePassporte only.  Which gives you the standard credit cards ; Visa, Master, JCB -- but it's true, no American Express.

Now there *is* a big banner across the top of the screen that shouts $0.99/minute -- but a) who looks at banners and b) that doesn't seem like a reasonable price so I'd presume that there must be actual per-host pricing.  But no I can't find any.

Ok with some credits bought I can go a look into the private rooms which works fine -- but no counter to show how much credits I'm using - just a warning when I'm down to only 3 minutes left.

Another room then where two very bored looking girls are using strap-ons on each other -- with all hands in view and no keyboard on the bed but someone is typing for them in the chat window, a bit too unconvincing for me!

But what can you expect for $0.99/minute -- minus the site's take, divided between two hosts (and whoever is typing).

Back in the free chat rooms I get a lot better attention now that I have some credits -- hosts can see that -- as is typical now on most of not many sites.  In fact one host probably shows rather more than needed -- or to put it another way some viewers would be finished with just her freebies!

This host confirmed her price -- seems the set price -- of 99 cents a minute.  That isn't as low as the cheapest rooms for example on SexyAsianCams but it is far lower than what you would expect to pay on most major sites.

I tried out a few private chat rooms and for the most part the hosts were helpful and did what was asked of them.  There were a few bent-fingers and some who wouldn't do what was in their profile, but these are the exceptions.  When I was looking at private rooms instead of free chat I saw a lot more at-home workers, I chatted to one in Cyprus sitting in her office chair.

Generally I didn't find the video quality that good though, of course this depends a lot on the camera and internet connection of the host but even so the average was slow and grainy compared to something like PrivateFeeds.  TheDailyPeep is not streaming.

So far it's ok but more a discount sort of place - and I'm starting to get really irritated by the peel back ads that kick in when I'm reaching with my mouse up to a scroll bar or a menu bar.  Before I loose patience I should look at the hosts side.

It takes a bit of hunting through the host/model site until I find the key information about percentages and payments.  "Models have 45% of what all the members pay based on the time they spent in a private show with you. Price per minute has a fixed value of $0.99 and you can't change it. "

Payments via ePassporte or wire transfer twice a month with a 10 day lag.

There is a tipping system that allows viewers to put some cash into the hosts pocket immediately (minus a cut of course).  Tipping is in minute-equivalents; 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes worth.  Both the viewer and the host see the amount transferred immediately and it is reflected in their balance.

They specifically state you can work multiple sites -- which is pretty much a necessity with pay rates at that level -- but it is nice to have it said up front.

Signing up for a host you have to give all your personal info as you would expect and profile info.  Age, ethnicity etc -- and the ever present "special" where you can be Shaved or Pierced but not both!  :)   Check the languages you speak to get flags under your name for English, Italian, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese.  Not a lot of Portuguese cam girls I think they are all at Tempo De Antena, or used to be before that site died.

Once logged in as a model you get to modify your profile, publish a schedule of when you will be online and so on. 

Software is Flash based like the viewers side also and can be used on any Windows PC so no special downloads.  Al the usual controls like kick/ban, send sound and so on.

You get two separate text chat windows -- one for the free chat with guests and one for the paid chat with members.

Oh cam 2 cam is there if you want it -- private only and no extra charge. 

In conclusion this seems like a small but serious site that is trying to go the budget route.  For viewers it is probably a fine place to check out -- but for hosts you need to consider if 45c/minute is worth splitting your attention with whatever other sites you'll be split camming on at the same time

Or if you are competitive or a gambler by nature you may think it's with trying for the prizes -- $1,000 prize for top model or $500 for top host are certainly quite inviting.


Have more information about TheDailyPeek ?  Please share it in the forum.  Thanks.




Pro for Exhibitionists Good percentage, easy software, splitcam allowed
Con for Exhibitionists Low price, limited traffic

Pro for Voyeurs

Low price

Con for Voyeurs

Slow video, limited choices of hosts


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