Update: 7 July 2020: Camversity is Defunct and the domain is now a Whitelabel of Camsoda. Read the Camsoda Review to know more about what you will see and join Camsoda directly for the best experience. Or discuss the death of Camversity and where people from there have gone in the forum.

Visiting Camversity for the first time is like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile, everything seems familiar but also slightly different. If you are a regular at any of the major other camsites, particular ones such as cams.com and streamate that have a well-established style, then you’ll be right at home at Camversity.

Names you may recognize and faces that seem familiar make this an easy experience to get started with. Whether you like to interact with models via tipping, taking them private, doing group shows or waiting for a goal to be reached then you’ll find it all here with a good range of American girls in the USA, Latin Americans and European ladies broadcasting.

The cam girl version of Gmail?

The thing you’ll see at every turn is the tag “BETA” next to the site name, just like Gmail was in Beta for five years so the same is true of Camversity. And just as with Gmail the fact that it says beta doesn’t mean it isn’t ready for use.

In theory, that means you’ll find some technical things wrong with the site, but apart from one difficulty with Paypal the whole site seemed to be working fine, more details about that later. Having been a “beta” site for more than a year you have to wonder how well they are doing.

One thing you’ll notice though is that it isn’t the largest site, despite being laid out with plenty of room and lots of thumbnails of chatrooms on the home page there are not that many live rooms compared to major sites or even second-line ones such as Bongacams.

You won’t find the thousands of online rooms here as you would at LiveJasmin or MyFreecams let alone Chaturbate. But the ones that are here are generally high quality with attentive models dressed prettily and interactively working their chat rooms.

Dressed to kill

Dressed is a keyword here. The majority of the models are clothed to a greater or lesser extent. This is probably the online camsite where I’ve seen a studio model wearing jeans and a t-shirt to chat with people, not even sexy torn jeans, just the outfit you’d go to class or shopping in.

That may have been an extreme point, and most of the models are in some kind of lingerie or tight-fitting outfit to show off their figures. Just not nude or even nearly-nude. As some models have “topless” as a goal, but with a higher token goal, then it must be allowed but you don’t see it much.

Bra-wearing girls to watch on webcam

I did see some flashes of tits, and a bit of oil massage and some bare pussy but for the most part, it was lightly-dressed girls, as in bra-and-panties or lacy teddy and similar.

As a side note; if you like bras then this may be up there with the Indian cam girl site DSCGirls.com as a place to watch and chat with bra-wearing models.

Not all of the models I watched were very interactive. I got the impression a few are probably split camming as they are obviously typing and responding to someone but not the Camversity room. At least not in the public room, perhaps they were chatting in PM.

Splitcamming and spending time with regulars in PM is understandable, particularly when working on a new site, but can be disconcerting for the viewer here if they get no response.

Most of the models were sitting at a chair right in front of their computer with the webcam right up against their face. It’s good for a personal view, but at times a little too close, I’d have like to see some more full-figure cams which were strangely not common here.

Camversity award winning cam girl MissLexi in her webcam Chat Roo

It is so close that I wished I could look up or down as you can with the VR cam girl site xvr.chat, but in this case, it is only a simple wide-angle view. I don’t think a VR headset would add anything to this experience.

The best models are Camversity are really chatty and being interactive with everybody in the room, MissLexi shown above, is a queen in her room and everybody loves her, and chats to her about what she is doing or has been up to recently.

Another Camversity cam girl who is very active is basicallyAsh who spends a long time chatting and telling fans in her room about what she is doing, talking about her other friends, introducing you to her pet dogs. And sometimes playing games with the viewers such as Hangman on a whiteboard.

Web cam Chatting with Clothed girls

Being in Ash’s room is like sitting around hanging out with your friends and chatting. I’m not sure how she manages to just talk continuously for so long! It is easy to see how people will find it cool to hang out in her room and be one of her gang.

The strange thing, given that this is a cam site, is that there is really very little erotica happening here. In the two top rooms, both models are “fully dressed”. Maybe not enough clothes to go to the mall, but certainly a lot more than you’d see a girl on Chaturbate or even Flirt4free. A fun activity but not something that could keep most people engaged for a long time.

I’ve seen bloggers joke that you can see more nudity on Twitch or YouNow than you do on Camversity, and while it isn’t strictly true the fact that it is funny shows how close it is.

150 Tokens for a Lovense toy buzz

In many of the Camversity rooms the chat isn’t even particularly sex or erotic related, it really feels like a group of friends chatting. That can be both good and bad of course, you make what you will of it.

Most models have automated text in their chat room that is advertising things they will do for tokens or “coins”. but you can watch for a long time before you see anything. While ErikaMonero is quietly wiggling to the music in a camisole top and chatting, apparently PM not in the public chat, in the next room DivaQueen has stripped to bra only and is rubbing a smoothly shaved mound.

It is very much a lucky draw whether there are things to see for free. But if you get some tokens and tip then the girls are happy to play. When ErikaMonero got a 150 token tip she not only enjoyed the Lovense toy buzzing her she also removed that top revealing perfectly formed natural tiny titties.

Chatting with the models in text chat does sometimes require that you have tokens in your account. Not every model has this set, in some rooms anybody can text chat, but other rooms require a non-empty account if you want to talk.

Tokens need an account, as does having a proper name and not being a guest.

The member signup form has two tabs, one each for members and models. Unlike Chaturbate the two types of people at Camversity are explicitly separated. If you want to be a viewer but also broadcast as a model then it seems you would need two accounts.

The signup form for members asks the usual questions, an email address, username, and password. That email address is going to receive a validation email so it has to be something you can access.

When the verification email arrives the email is “From” camversity.com and has a subject of “Welcome”. So moderately discrete. Inside there is a button to click for verifications as well as links to their social accounts, including one that is dead. Apparently Instagram didn’t like them. Neither does Facebook and the link in the verification email to that FB page is dead. Twitter still works and you can follow their Twitter accounts if you think following a camsite on social is a good idea.

If you try to login without first verifying then it won’t work.

Once you are verfiied you can login and start being a member and chatting to the girls using your own user name.

You can also mark them as a favorite and get notified when they are online. This is done via the browser notifications and so you’ll be prompted for permission.

Once you have allowed Camversity to send you notifications when a model you have selected is online there will be a pop-up notification.

To be able to tip them or even talk to some of them tokens are required.

Here you have options, either Credit Card or PayPal. But not all may work for you. Let see what happens with Credit Card payment first.

You can buy tokens in varies sized blocks and they have different levels of discounts according to how many you buy. An initial sign-up offer of 60 tokens for no cost at all, meaning you’ll still have to “buy” with your credit card details, but no actual charge is made.

A regular purchase of 180 tokens costs $20

It is nice to see discounts for larger purchases, so many sites don’t seem to bother. Even better is a clear explanation of what you are getting in terms of more tokens.

It isn’t clear that those tokens are going to go last very long when the popular models are asking over a hundred tokens for things as tips.

Epoch payment

If you choose to Checkout to buy your tokens or coins with a Credit card then the processor will be epoch which is a pretty common and well-known card processor.

When going through a third party payment processor like this the billing will be quite discreet, in this case it will be “epoch.com *instaa” which shouldn’t mean much to anybody who happens to see it.

Tokens paid with PayPal

The alternative way to pay would be via PayPal and while that seems like a good option it didn’t work as expected for me.

It gave this error before even asking for a PayPal account or any login details so perhaps the Camversity gateway to PayPal wasn’t working. I’ll try it again and update this if it starts to work.

No matter how you buy your credits at Camversity you can then see them in your account in the control dashboard on the left. This also shows your notifications and your unread messages in y our inbox.

The notifications are mostly about videos or pictures that your favored models have uploaded and have for sale. Some pictures may be for 50 tokens, while a few minute videos could be 100 tokens. Each model prices her own videos and pics so it varies a lot.

Going back to the chatrooms themselves the format is pretty normal and includes the video and text chat window, controls for sound and full screen, as well as automated text in the chat window.

Different types of chatters are color-coded so you know who is a paid-up token-holding “Premium” member and who is a big spender. The host of the room herself has a bright pink colored text, but in most of the rooms, she is talking a lot more than she is typing.

Private and group show pricing

An empty heart in the top right corner invites you to follow the models who you want to watch again, and just pointing to it shows the number of other people who are following her.

While most models are waiting for tips and offering things such as flashes, custom videos and Snapchat for tokens, there is also the chance to do group or private shows.

A group show is about 10 tokens a minute with everybody paying the same. I didn’t see any variation in that pricing, apparently, it is a standard for the site.

Camversity allows private shows as well, and those cost 60 tokens a minute. The cheapest tokens are when you spend $250 to get 2875 tokens, which works out at about 8 cents per token or $5.21/minute.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to let the model see your own face on cam, there are no cam2cam on this site.

Camversity Model Sign-up

Models who signup to work at Camversity are being paid $0.05 per token earned which means the pay rate isn’t a set percentage given that viewers pay different amounts for their credits depending on how many they buy at a time.

Imagine that a viewer buys 500 tokens for $50, but gets 525 due to the bonus. If he spends all the tokens on you then you get paid 525 * $0.05 or $26.25 which is more than half of what he paid or 52%.

If you introduce the viewer using the webmaster affiliate program you could get an additional 15% of that spend, or 20% during their promotions.

To signup as a model at Camversity use this link.

To Signup as a webmaster affiliate for Camversity.com use this link.

Camversity Forum

Have more to say about Camversity? Let me know in the comments below or in the forum. Thanks!