Arousr straddles the gap between phone sex and webcam chat site. It has been around for years and is slowly growing. As an originally phone-oriented site they do require your phone number to get started, and give you the option of billing to your phone bill. But that’s optional, you can also use the website and pay with a credit card or one of several other payment methods.

For Models: Becoming an Arousr Chat Host

Arousr offers an opportunity for models to earn income through a variety of interactive options, including text messaging, phone calls, and live video calls. Here’s what you need to know as a potential chat host:

Model Compensation and Terms: operates on a fair payment structure that gives models a specific cut of the earnings. The payment details, along with information on chargebacks and additional financial terms, are conveniently outlined on their FAQ pages and chat host dedicated FAQ, ensuring transparency upfront.

Available Technology:
As for the technology, Arousr makes sure that both models and customers can easily navigate through their services. Live video calls are a significant feature, and they can be conducted seamlessly on both computers and smartphones. The platform does not support third-party video calling services but requires you to work within the secure Arousr’s proprietary system.

Model Flexibility:
Models are given the autonomy to host video calls and set the pace for the conversation within the bounds of legality. Arousr states that all forms of “legal talk” are allowed, granting models the freedom to express themselves as long as it aligns with the platform’s guidelines and local laws.

For Viewers: Exploring the Arousr Experience

Viewers looking for a more personal connection in adult entertainment will find fulfilling with its private and interactive services.

Interactive Features:
Once signed up, viewers are granted 100 free credits to explore what Arousr has to offer. These credits can kickstart your journey into engaging with models through sexting, voice calls, or video calls. Additionally, the Live Roulette feature offers a randomized match with a real girl online, enhancing the excitement of the encounter.

Even free users can get 10 minutes per day of random Live Roulette which is a great offer.

Chat sessions initially begin for free and can shift into premium mode for more explicit conversations. Users receive a notification before the premium mode is activated, providing complete control over usage of credits.

In premium mode, each response from a chat host costs 14 credits. There is a measure in place where a chat host cannot send more than three messages without a reply, preventing an unintended depletion of credits.

Payment Methods:
Arousr is flexible with payment methods, accepting various options including credit cards, gift cards, crypto, and more.

The options are available:

  • Visa (Worldwide)
  • MasterCard (Worldwide)
  • Gift Cards (US only)
  • Crypto (World Wide)
  • Mobile Carrier Billing (Canada & UK)
  • Interac Online (Canada Only)
  • Western Union

For viewers who value discretion, this range of payment methods allows for an experience tailored to their comfort and convenience. Additionally, bulk purchases may come with discounts, adding value to the experience.

Tipping by Phone

If you are doing phone sex at Arousr with a girl you found on the web site then you can even do tips vis SMS/Text!

Legal and Secure:
For those concerned about privacy, Arousr requires viewers to register with their mobile numbers. This step acts as a spam deterrent and reinforces the security of the platform for both parties. As an incentive, the platform rewards customers with 100 free credits upon registration and phone number verification.

Arousr takes safety seriously, with age verification for all users to ensure that only consenting adults are participating. They maintain photo IDs on file for further accountability.

The service boasts about strong privacy measures they have. Personal user information such as real names or phone numbers is anonymized to protect customer identity. The idea is that cam girls won’t be able to see viewer information in any way, unless they carelessly doxx themselves that is.

Pricing and Content:
Viewers will appreciate the transparency in pricing on Arousr. While the platform offers a typical pricing structure, individual models have the power to set their own rates, which gives viewers a range of options based on their budget and preferences. Exclusive content such as pics and videos from models can also be accessed for additional fees.

Billing and Charges:

The service is not subscription-based, which means there’s no recurring billing and users only pay for the credits they purchase.

For discreteness, services are billed under the name TELEPASS.CC or TELEPASS, dependent on the purchase method (card or phone bill).

Final Thoughts

For cam girls, provides a secure and flexible environment to earn income while offering a platform to express their adult entertainment skills. With the ability to set their own prices and the assurance of operating within a legal framework, could be a lucrative and empowering venture.

For viewers, Arousr promises a discreet and personalized adult entertainment experience. With a variety of interaction options and a secure platform to maintain privacy, it’s a space where fantasies can safely become a virtual reality.

As with any adult platform, potential models and viewers should do their due diligence, exploring the comprehensive FAQ and check with customer support for any clarifications. But from what I can see so far seems to offer a unique proposition in the crowded market of phone / cam sites —a professionally managed, secure, and full-featured platform for cam girls to work phones or cam, without having to do (much) free shows.