The short answer is NO, under no circumstances do you have to show your face in public on Chaturbate.

There are some subtleties to this that depend on exactly who you are and what you are doing so let us break it down in more detail. In particular, who are you?

  1. A viewer who wants to chat with models/broadcasters on Chaturbate
  2. A model or broadcaster on Chaturbate

Then for that first choice, there are some variables that make a difference.

  1. Viewers

a. You just want to watch
b. You want to have the models look at you
c. You want to expose yourself and let people watch

Models and broadcasters

If you are broadcasting and exposing yourself on Chaturbate then yoy have to prove that you are 18 years old at least. And the only way to do that is by showing some photo ID, which has to match your face. That means you will show your face, but only to the customer support or the administrators at Chaturbate, not to the general public or any other users of the site.

Viewers who may or may not want to do cam2cam or expose themselves

If you are just interested in watching and chatting with cam girls then it is a hard NO. There is no point at which you need to show your face.

If you want to tip cam girls or take them private you will have to prove you are 18, but you do that by using a payment system such as a credit card. At no point do you have to show your face, or even give your real name if you choose an anonymous payment method.

It is that last one where you have a problem. If you are going to show your face, or your cock, in public chat then you are going to have to prove that you are 18+

You are in the same situation as a model and so the same rules apply.

The bottom line therefore is that you do NOT have to show your face on Chaturbate unless you are a model. And even then you only have to show it to the customer support or admins.

Broadcasting on Chaturbate as a model without showing your face is a common thing. There are plenty of “under the desk” cams or close-ups on various body parts with no face showing.

While it is not common at CB over on Stripchat you also have plenty of models from Japan who broadcast with a facemask, like the COVID-19 masks, that basically covers their whole face.

I’ve even seen some models at Cam4, Amateur.TV and DSC who are, or pretend to be, Arab cam girls and are Muslim and wear the religious face coverings called Niqāb. That is another way to avoid having your face shown if you want to broadcast and would rather be anonymous.