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MyBabeCams Open mybabecams in a new window

In the last year MyBabecams seems to have broken out of the start-up rut and begun to grow nicely.  There are over 60 hosts online as I look at the moment in several categories from the most popular "Babes" through to Couples, Trans and Mature.  Now that last one is a nice change from the usual emphasis at most cam sites -- there are plenty of guys who prefer a lady with a little more experience like the nice one I found on liveclickmeet the other day.

Despite the large number of hosts online there seems to be not a lot of viewers, most of the free chat rooms I went into I was either the only guest or one of two.

A month ago I took a quick look at mybabecams and found a small site with some potential.  Now I'm looking in again and finding -- well, a small site with some potential.  e.g. nothings changed.

Stuck in the usual chicken-and-egg start up struggle MyBabeCams currently has 17 hosts online, many of them without proper profile pics and instead the generic "New Performer" banner up.

Still, they have managed at this moment to have one Transexual cam and one "Babe with toys" as well as the regular hosts so that's good. 

The site itself uses a white on pale blue color scheme which I find a lot easier to read than the previous rather dull black-and-blue they had.

<--  New                             Old -->

Based on the NearlyThere Sidekick video chat system MyBabeCams offers free teaser chat from all hosts and paid chat at pretty low rates of around $1 to $2 a minute.  I see a few host with banners held up or prices written on their skin for $0.49 and things like that.  Not too much of a price war going on I hope as that isn't good for anybody in the long run .

You only need Java to view the video or get into the chat, there is no need to register an account -- you can go straight into chat but will be "guest-1234".  Both IE and Firefox work fine.  It has zoom button but funnily it doesn't control the aspect ratio so can mess with it to make your own BBW!

All the hosts appear to be from Asia, from the Philippines specifically, and though I know the site has been seeking arrangements with studios several of the hosts seem to be in a home setting.

As anywhere the hosts vary in their responsiveness -- it helps to be logged in with a real account if you want to really get their attention.  I have to say a couple of them I looked in on behaved really really bored and didn't respond.   One was refreshingly honest in her profile and under "Dislikes" put "NO CREDIT CARD HAHAHA". 

On the other hand HolySluts were two nice looking girls who offered to do anything pretty much for $0.49/minute -- I think they are undercharging given that is for two girls.  But I guess in the end that's their business.

Which takes us to payments -- if you want to buy credits you'll have to join up which is free -- just give the usual username/password, and and agree to the terms and conditions.  Something in the small print caught my eye regarding cancellations -- you can cancel your account but you won't get any outstanding credits refunded.  That's probably the case many places but I haven't noticed is spelled out in black and white (or blue and black in this case).

Free accounts do require an email address verification.

Once signed up you log in then buy blocks of credit, by default via ccbill who are a major card handling company, and who take visa, master, JCB or discover. 

You have to have a card, there are no other ways (e.g. no phone or sms payments, not even send in checks though I wonder how many people actually do that on sites that offer it).  if you are without a credit card they recommend you try to get one via Epassporte or similar online card services.

Credits come in blocks of $20, $50 or $100 and are non refundable of course.  I did not see any mention of a bonus they used to have, but still at $1 (or $0.99) it is still a very low rate per minute -- competitive to some of the cheapest CamContacts hosts.

mybabecams video window -- "MoonAngel" looked extremely sweet, but very very tired.



You can also tip hosts, specifying any amount you want to give to the host of $5 or more.  The tip amounts are taken out of your credit.

If you want to signup as host then you are welcome, and they are offering particularly good deals to studios of 70% (for a limited time) -- I'm not sure if individuals can get this also. But they are promised "At Least 50%". 

Payouts are made twice a month, using either bank wire, ePassporte, or check.

They also run

If you have any more information about mybabecams , please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.


Pro for Exhibitionists

 Small site with good pay

Con for Exhibitionists

 Small site with perhaps not enough traffic. 

Pro for Voyeurs

Lots of Asian hosts at low prices and with discounts

Con for Voyeurs

No non-Asian hosts, and a small range


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