SkyPrivate has always been about booking a call with a camgirl, which you then take with Skype or Discord. That previously made it different but now they are adding in the option for models at SkyPrivate to also stream directly on the website.

It isn’t quite the same as other streaming sites, CB, SC and so on, but it does allow a model to show more than the 6-second preview that was normally possible.

If you go and search for online models and click the Filter button you’ll see that there is now a new button beside the choices to filter by “Skype” or “Discord” cam girls. Now you can also find “Stream”.

When you turn that option on you suddenly see a very small number of models, instead of the thousand you might be used to there might be only 5 or 6. And there is a hard limit of 20.

These are the twenty promotion spots that the models bid on in an auction, and if they will a sport that day then they can stream live using the typical OBS style of streaming.

Only it isn’t what I expect by live because when I open their profile page and play the video, although it looks good I’m puzzled by the fact that there is a “speed” option. Just like on YouTube, you can play the video at 1.5x or 2x normal speed.

That means the video isn’t ‘live’, unless they have invented a time machine because you can’t play live faster than it is actually happening.

I’m not sure what is going on here, perhaps the livestream is simply a longer-than-6-seconds video. As you can tell I haven’t tried yet myself but I will have to do so soon, depending on whether I can get one of those promotion spots. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, check out the streaming cam girls at SkyPrivate and let me know if you think that’s an improvement over the old system.