doesn’t do a lot of updates, if you look at their blog about “new” things it seems to be about once a year, but despite that the site is a good small sexcam site with plenty of choices.

The clean website with clear controls makes it easy to navigate and the choice of cam girls, while small, is enough to keep you interested for a while.

For their 2022 update they have added three new features:

  • Payments via Cryptocurrency

Camplace now adds itself to the list of sexcam sites that take payment in cryptocurrency.

For the Crypto payments you actually have two choices. If you select BTC only then you pay via the “” Swiss payment gateway. While if you want some other coins such as Eth then choose the other option that goes to “” and gives a big range of payment choices. You can pay with USDT, Ripple, even Binance coin. There isn’t any Lightning support though. Choose a coin that will go through fast! Minimum buys are about $20 worth.

  • 2-Way Audio in VIP Private

Want to just talk instead of typing ? A lot of sites are now offering some way to have a two way sound system with the cam girl so you can talk directly to her while you hands are busy. Camplace now offers this but only in VIP Private. It is a sub-set of the Cam2cam options where you turn on your microphone only without using your camera. That’s great if you don’t want the Camplace girl to see you, but you do want to be heard.

  • VIP Privates

And finally VIP privates are those where it is really private, no peeking or spying, and so that is where you will also be able to do 2-way .

Check out the girls at Camplace and try out one of their new features. Let me know in the comments how it goes.

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