is one of the oldest cam sites, and when you visited it that old-skool look was very much in evidence. It was the second adult webcam chat site I ever broadcast on, after the now-defunct iFriends. Despite being one of the first the site has maintained a level of popularity and, while not at the level of a Chaturbate or even Flirt4free, it still has dedicated fans.

The emphasis on a community feel, with a great Forums section and lots of “regulars” makes it a go-to place for people who want to engage and not just watch.

WOW I like the changes to the site’s appearance
Gonna take some getting used to, but it looks and feels so much more contemporary, instead of old-fashioned, out-dated, 20 year old look. Thank you CC. I hope it helps.

“AssWagon” at CamContacts Forums

Models like it as well because it is one of the few sites were free-teaser-chat is not required, though it is allowed, and it isn’t the norm here. That means the hosts don’t need to “put their face on” until the viewer really wants a show, although this was the original way all adult camming worked, today it seems more like a version of Skype camming. The viewer negotiates what they want in text chat, then the videos doesn’t start until the actual show time.

The old style of Camcontacts extends not only to the community and the no-free-video, but also to the overal look of the design. But today they have announced a overhaul of the look-and-feel with new graphics, new styling and a very modern aperance.

Now with the large images, rounded corners, and wide profile images it is a lot easier on the eyes and surely will attract a new generation of viewers to try out this venerable old site.

Meanwhile, any Luddites can still click the “Old version” button to pretend they are still in the year 2000!

Time for me to write an updated review, but meanwhile check out the existing review of Camcontacts as the functionality is the same, just with a great new look.

Hat-tip to Minnie who brought the update to my attention.

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