Indian cam girls at are on average offering the cheapest private chats at that site.

Although cam girls from India are the minority of models at there are enough of them online to see that overall they tend to charge the lowest prices for a private show.

Chart showing average price of privates at by ethnicity with Indian highlighted as it is the lowest bar.

The number of Indian cam girls at Stripchat is low, but still enough to see that their prices average out quite low when compared to other ethnicities.

Looking at it as a table you can see that these prices are averaged from a sufficiently large number of models to give an accurate conclusion about different pricing across ethnic groups. The Stripchat India group includes 57 models.

EthnicityAverage of priceNumber of models

Stripchat also has gay men cams however this analysis is only about female models.

Sometimes the apparent low of one group is due to a few exceptional cases. For example, if there was one super cheap Indian cam model or one very expensive cam girl of Mixed ethnicity that might skew the average. And it is certainly true that there is a huge range in prices, from as little as 8 to as many as 200.

Actually the bulk of Stripchat Indian models at charge 32 or less.

Chart showing common prices of Indian Cam Girls at Stripchat

See how this distribution is quite diferent for cam models of White ethnicity.

Although there are also plenty of white models who are charging 32 the graph is shifted a lot towards the right, including models who charge 200 which doesn’t exist at all in the list of Indian cam girls I’ve seen at Stripchat.

If we look at all ethnicities that are reported by Stripchat, leaving out the “blanks” where the models haven’t specified it, then the picture is more interesting, but with the Indian section still standing out. It is difficult to express all this information in one clear chart but this 3D area graph tells much of the story.

As you can see from this comparison of pricing broken down by different ethnicities it is the Indian group, in this chart in yellow, that has a peak lower along the price axis, and has fewer models priced at higher prices. That leads to an overall lower average price, and it really does represent something about the pricing for Indian cam models.

As an aside we can see that the “mixed” ethnicity has the highest peak at 60, with several models charging over 100 and none at all in the lowest 8 price bracket.

Indian Cam Girl Prices in $$$$

In this article, all the prices quoted are the prices in tokens per minute for a standard Private show. This doesn’t include any minimum duration, Cam2cam, or any other charges.

The prices of tokens at Stripchat depend on how they are purchased and in what quantity. Therefore a set conversion between tokens and a dollar value cannot be accurate for every situation. What is constant is that the cam girl will receive $0.05 or five cents for each token earned. For Stripchat India cam girls this can a more useful amount of money than for models in other parts of the world.

Discounts for tokens

Best deal is to spend $199.99 via credit card and get 2,350 tokens

When buying tokens at Stripchat the regular buyer will be looking for the best price and that typically means a larger purchase. Although there are occasional special offers that have greater discounts generally best deal is to spend $199.99 via credit card and get 2,350 tokens. That works out to 199.99 / 2350 = 0.08510212765. Or in other words eight and a half cents per token.

The current special offer of 25% discounts for a 200 token purchase, meaning that the 200 tokens cost you $15.99 instead of $20.99, gives a price of 15.99 / 200 = 0.07995 or just under eight cents per token which is not much different.

If we plug the 8.5 cents per token price into the price values above it means that the average Indian cam girl at strip chat are charging 30.2 * 0.085 = 2.567 or about two dollars and 57 cents ($2.57) a minute. That is only the average though, many are charging at the lowest price range of 8 tokens a minute. Run the maths on that and see that it is just 68 cents or $0.68 for each minute of private chat.

Variety of Desi cam girls at Stripchat

Larger bodies, bras and tummies

Although the number of Stripchat Indian cam girls is not large, there is usually less than a hundred online even when the whole site has over three thousand models broadcasting, it is still a large enough variety to find what you want. As is common with Indian webcam girls on other Indian cam sites you’ll see a lot of non-nude or semi-dressed models, often with masks or the camera simply avoiding their faces. Larger bodies, bras, and tummies are also common features in the Indian section of Stripchat and match what you will see at Indian-specific cam girl sites.

In India, the Indian cam girls are known as Desi cam girls. The main competitor for desi cam girls is the original DSCGirls site which does only models from the sub-continent. Prices at DSCGirls go down as you level up into higher tiers, at the top the best deal gets you tokens or credits for 50 cents each.

Pricing at DSC is a little different with video chat broken out into voice only, standard video, and “XXX VIdeo”. Presuming that the latter is the equivalent to a Private Show at Stripchat then the flat rate of 5 credits a minute charged at DSC makes it about the same as the average Indian girl at Stripchat. Consider the DSC price of 5 credits a minute, if each credit is 50 cents, that means a 5 * 0.50 = $2.50 per minute cost. If you compare $2.50 to $2.56 the difference is not significant.

Therefore on average, there is no price difference, but this ignores the fact that Stripchat also has a lot of models charging substantially less, many even at the lowest price of 8 Stripchat tokens a minute.

Conclusion about Stripchat Indian Cam Girls

Therefore despite the average pricing, if you are on a budget then it makes sense to check out the Indian models at Stripchat.