There are Camlust rules, and Skyprivate rules, but they are not necessarily the same.

One of the reasons you might want to try a Skype Camgirl site is that the actual video chat is not done on that site, but directly with the cam girl using Skype. Or Discord, or really any other video chat program that the camgirl and you both agree on.

That means the cam site is just there to introduce you and the camgirl, and to arrange safe and private payments, and so they don’t have to make a lot of rules about what is or is not allowed. I’m sure they have some kind of legal department that makes sure they obey the relevant laws, but they can be a bit more flexible.

Are the Camlust rules different from the Skyprivate rules, and are they different from other camgirl sites?

Read on to find out more about the rules of these two leading Skype Cam Girl sites.

Skyprivate Rules

Are these things allowed or not allowed? These are the things that the cam girl broadcasters at Skyprivate are allowed or not allowed to do.

  • Advertise Own Site – No, Forbidden without express consent
  • Animals – No; Bestiality or animals/pets on camera are strictly prohibited.
  • Asphyxiation – No
  • Blackmail – Yes, But; If you agree on a blackmail fantasy, the responsibility is solely yours, which extends to the outcome of the fantasy. SkyPrivate will not be held accountable for it.
  • Blood – No; including period
  • Bondage – No
  • Drugs / Alcohol – No; being on camera while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.
  • Fisting – Yes; support says if a member agrees then it is ok, this makes it one of the few cam sites that allow fisting.
  • Gambling – No; no promoting casino games, betting lottery, etc without approval
  • Going Away – No
  • Huge Toys – Yes, allowed; support says if member agrees then it is ok, there are models offering giant gape and toys
  • Incest – “Step” relationships are allowed but discouraged;  You may not engage in and/or advertise incest and/or incest fantasies.: Support says step-incest relationships can be done, although it is better to avoid them so many models will not want to do them
  • Lactation – No
  • Outdoors – Yes but, Private Property only, but with the owner’s consent and must NOT be visible by others like neighbors
  • Piss – No – you will have to go elsewhere to find camgirls who will piss on cam
  • Religious Objects – No; You may not engage in acts that may be considered offensive to a certain religious group, including without limitation to religious objects, photos, etc.
  • Shit – No
  • Sleeping – Yes; Support says if member agrees then it is ok
  • Vomit – No

Camlust Rules

  • Eating On Cam – Yes; according to online support
  • Fisting – Yes, although not explicitly stated there are plenty of girls offering fisting as an activity in shows.
  • Piss – No
  • Play Video Games – Yes; making it similar to sites like Joystick.TV for camgirls playing video games
  • Shit – No

Camlust has a lot less explicitly listed rules, but camgirls will be cautious to not break any rules as nobody wants their account banned.