Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams

Comparing Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams is the battle between the two monster-sized sites of the live porn cam world. Both of them use the tipping style of camming where cam girls compete amongst themselves for viewers who will toss them tokens as tips. MyFreeCams actually invented this concept, before they came along all cam girl sites were what we now know as “premium”, but it was Chaturbate who perfected it.

MFC had the head start and continues to add new things to the site to keep it up to date and give viewers more options. Let’s go into some of the major things that are different and highlight some that are the same as well in this comparison of Chaturbate vs MyFreeCams.

While many things are very similar about the sites, in some ways you could say that Chaturbate copied the successful model of MyFreeCams, they have gone their own ways over the years and now have a quite different feel to them. That isn’t only about the technical and visual aspects of using the site, but also about the community of models and viewers that has built up over time.

One thing that really stands out as a major difference is that MyFreeCams broadcasters are purely CIS female, you won’t find a hetro couples here, let alone tranny or gay cams. While Chaturbate has plenty of all of them.

If a range of genders matters to you then MFC is out of the running, but if girls are all you need then they both have a lot to stay for them.

Most expensive token price

You need tokens to get anywhere at a cam site, even if you don’t spend many or any at all you want to avoid being a “grey”, someone with no tokens at all as models may not let you speak in their rooms or simply ignore you. That means buying tokens at a good price is important. Most sites have different prices depending on how many tokens you are buying, and what way you are paying for them.

Sometimes you can’t avoid paying the worst rate though, perhaps you only have one way to pay or perhaps you need to buy a small quantity, both of these get you a bad rate of exchange between dollars and tokens. Which one is the worst though?

  • Chaturbate: $0.12 per token
  • Myfreecams: $0.10 per token

In this case Chaturbate comes out worse, because if you buy via one of the less efficient methods, such as by PayPal, then it will cost you 12 cents each for a small package of tokens.

By comparison, at MFC the most you’ll pay is 10 cents. That is only a 2 cent advantage, but then you don’t buying tokens one at a time and the price discrepancy does add up.

Result: Myfreecams by 2 cents a token

Broadcast yourself – without age verification

Want to get in on the act yourself and let the cam girls, and maybe some others, watch your cam as well? Both sites allow anybody to broadcast their webcam live video feed, but there are some restrictions that discourage people from doing that.

At Chaturbate you can’t do a public broadcast without first going through age verification so basically this is a “no”. But if you do decide to verify your age they are quite serious about how it is handled. The same sort of thing you’d have to do with an online bank or trading company. Not only will you have to upload a copy of your government-issued ID but you’ll also need to match that with a live photograph of yourself to show that it really is your driving license or passport.

Over at MyFreeCams the same idea applies, but the way it is organized is a lot more lenient. In order to stream your own cam video, you need to be a “premium member”, and becoming a premium member is an easy thing to do. There are two main routes to membership, one is to make a purchase, any purchase at all, using a credit card. The second way is to get someone else, to sign up using your introduction link, and for them to become a premium member using a credit card.

This isn’t exactly a definitive proof of age or ID but according to MFC it counts as good enough. That makes it a lot easier to end up broadcasting yourself on MFC than it does on CB. A win for MFC for convenience.

Result: Neither, but MFC closer

Anonymous token purchase with Crypto

Want to avoid having a live porn site appear on your credit card bill? Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can avoid that problem. If you buy the Bitcoin with your card from some innocent-sounding exchange, then use the bitcoin to buy the cam site tokens, nobody will be the wiser when they look at your bill or bank account transactions.

That works great at Chaturbate where you can buy tokens, at a very good rate of only 8 cents per token, using any cryptocoin supported by the gateway. That includes the major ones such as Bitcoin, but sadly Chaturbate doesn’t accept Lightning Network payments via this gateway even though they do support it.

Result: Chaturbate wins

Watching on your phone

Want to watch the cam girls using your phone? Mobile support is the norm these days on all cam sites, but that doesn’t mean some don’t work better than others. MyFreeCams has experimented with a number of different ways to show their girls on you phone over the years, and at the moment the best and latest way is called “MFC.App” which is, as the name implies, an app that install on your phone.

To get to it you need to open the website on your phone first, then you’ll see the option in the menu to download and install the App. Like most porn-related phone apps it only works when you download it directly from the site, you can’t get it from an app store or play store.

Once installed it works fine and gives you a native phone interface to all the models at MyFreeCams.

Over on Chaturbate they did experiment with a phone app a long time ago but recently it is all about mobile responsive web interface and you’ll not find any option for downloading apk or anything like that. Instead you just use the site on your phone using the normal Chrome or other browser and that works perfectly well.

There is a great text-over-video mode that lets you use your full screen for video, while still seeing the chat. And you can hide the chat as well if you just want to watch the video of the girl, or boy, or inbetween.

Although some people prefer an app the mobile phone experience at Chaturbate is great, and for that matter MFC also has a mobile interface that works perfectly well, but with that app option as well.

Result: MFC provides the option of an app

Want to just have it for free?

If you don’t want to pay a thing, not even register a free account, then both sites let you have plenty of things for free.

In fact what they offer is quite similar. Try visiting the site without an account and you can:

See the video

Read the text chat

Hear the sound

Show the video full screen

After that it diverges. On Chaturbate that’s about it, there is no way for you to engage or communicate with cam girls, you can’t type in the text chat window.

On MyFreeCams however it is possible, but not very likely. Most cam girls at MFC, as with cam girls everywhere, don’t want to talk to people who haven’t registered an account, and preferably got some tokens in hand.

Therefore models turn off the guest chat option. Most of them. But a rare few, mostly desperate unpopular models, will allow anybody to chat in their text dinwo. As you won’t be registered in such a case you’ll end up appearing in the text chat as something like “Guest09155”.

Not really meaningful that, and best to take the plunge and make a real free account. But as the option does exist it means MFC is marginally ahead in this one.

Result: Myfreecams by a wisker

Cam girl images are live

Both sites let you see thumbnail images of the girls who are online, but exactly how those are displayed is variable, and by fine-tuning that you can get the exact experience that you want.

At Myfreecams there is an ever-increasing list of ways in which you can control what you see on this page. You can choose between animated thumbnails, still previews, avatars, or a text list. There are some sub-options as well such as animation frequency.

While Chaturbate does offer some display options they are rather basic by comparison.

Animated room images are not available to new or guest users, and the fastest refresh is only every 30 seconds.

Result: MyFreeCams wins with better options

Private shows on your phone

Nope, both of these sites would prefer that you watch and tip the models rather than take them into a private show.

If you want a private show on a mobile device you are probably better off going to LiveJasmin mobile.

At both CB and MFC you’ll be paying with tips in a public room, that’s the only option if you want to use your phone. You could switch to using a desktop, or you could load the CB or MFC site on your phone in Desktop mode but that gets really hard to read.

Result: Neither, try Livejasmin

Get outside the bedroom

Sometimes it gets a bit boring watching girls lying on a bed. Doesn’t matter if it is their real bed at home, or a studio set with a bed in it. Sure they can sit in a chair or walk around their bedroom, but what about going outside for a change?

Both sites allow models to go outside if they are careful to not let other people see them, or be seen by the cam.

In practice this doesn’t happen very much, I guess it is too difficult to be 100% sure that nobody will see you. Even going outside in a garden or backyard can be a problem as you have to prove to the administrators that nobody can overlook you, which is pretty hard to do.

I’ve seen a few outdoor-in-the-garden shows at CB but they are rare at MFC. If you want to watch models walking around a mall or in a coffee shop then that is totally out of the question at either of these sites, you’ll have to try Stripchat or maybe Bongacams for Outdoor cam shows.

Result: Wipeout, try Bongacams or Stripchat instead

Using site in other languages

Prefer not to use English to browse the sites? Many cam girls come from all over the road and speak a range of languages, but as for navigating the website itself there are limited choices of languages:

  • Chaturbate: English, Arabic, German, Greek, Spanish, Frinch, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, russsian, Turkish, Chinese
  • MyFreeCams: English only

Result: A clear win for Chaturbate

How many cam girls available?

It varies a lot depending upon the time of day and day of week, but in one snapshot I could see 3 times the number of models online at Chaturbate as I did at MyFreeCams

  • Chaturbate: 5,488 camgirls online
  • MyFreeCams: 1,648 female models available

Over the course of a week I also added up every girl I could find on the first pages, and removed duplicates to get an idea of the total “population” of the two sites. That gave me an even more disparatee count.

  • Chaturbate female population 17,983
  • MyFreeCams population 596

That’s such a huge difference I’m not sure what it really means. Perhaps MFC is full of regulars who always occupy the first pages. Although there are more than 500 models on the site, you won’t really see any other than that top 500 until you scroll down and make an effort.

This is quite different from CB where who is on the top rotates regularly and you get to see a wider range all the time.

Therefore Chaturbate really wins on the quantity count, but you could argue that the MFC top models are really top and are the only ones you need to watch. Depends on your option of quality vs quantity.

Result: Chaturbate for the quantity

Want to do cam2cam

Both sites allow you to broadcast your own webcam video and it isn’t linked to a private show as it is on most premium sites.

  • Chaturbate: Verfied with tokens users can chose “Show my cam” in a model’s room
  • Myfreecams: Turn on your cam if you have a premium membership, it works in free chat but of course the girl will not look if you don’t tip

MFC gives you more options here but you do need to get that premium membership by making at least one token purchase.

Result: MFC if you have premium

VR / Virtual Reality / 360 Cam Girls

Strangely these two big sites do not offer any virtual reality options, you’ll have to try out a site like Stripchat or XVR.Chat if you want to see VR cam girls in 3D.

Result: Neither, try Stripchat

NSFW Credit Card statement name

It depends on exactly how you are buying tokens but if you go for the simple way of paying by Credit Card then you’ll see something on your bill that shows that:

  • Chaturbate: or
  • MyFreeCams: MFCXYINC, or *ActiveSoft

Want to avoid that? Then you should use some sort of gateway that protects your privacy such as a cryptocurrency system. Buying tokens via a bitcoin gateway means that your card statement will just mention buying bitcoins, not where you spent those coins.

Unfortunately only Chaturbate supports crypto token purchases.

Result: Neither are good, but CB has options