TL;DR: Turn off 3rd party cookie blocking

I was checking out the cryptocurrency payment options on a few popular sites while updating some articles about bitcoin cams when I ran across this problem.

Trying to buy Stripchat tokens with bitcoin seemed to be going ok, then on the payment screen where I was expecting to see a QR code with a bitcoin address to scan I instead got this error message:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Being a geeky camgirl I did hit F12 and went to look into the browser console and could easily spot the place where the error was occurring, though the “why” wasn’t immediately obvious.

instrument.js:108 DOMException: Failed to read the 'sessionStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
    at Function.get (
    at new e (
    at new e (
    at e.authenticationService (
    at e.default (
    at oo (
    at Ku (
    at Li (
    at Ni (
    at Pi (
    at bi (
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (
    at Ql (
    at Yl (
    at Kl (
    at hi (
    at zo (
    at e.received (
    at e.notify (
    at t.message (

It took me a while to work out what was happening here.

I could see it was some sort of “security” thing going on so I tried a few obvious steps like using a VPN but that didn’t help.

After some poking around I found that if I used an Incognito window then the problem went away.

Also switching to another web browser, I used Microsoft Edge, worked fine as well.

I could have left it at that but I decided that I’d like to have it work in my regular Google Chrome browser so I kept digging. A few StackOverflow pages later I had the clue and can now share with you the solution.

It’s the Cookies, always the Cookies.

In particular, it is “3rd Party Cookies”.

Despite the bad rap that Google gets from a privacy point of view, and that’s entirely reasonable in many ways, they do also work for privacy.

But Privacy, like Security, is often the opposite of convenience and function.

So while Google has blocked 3rd Party Cookies by default to increase your privacy and reduce the chances of security problems, it also stops things from working.

Such as the CoingGate crypto payment screen at Stripchat.

Solution? Turn this cookie blocking off, at least for Stripchat while you are doing a bitcoin payment transaction via CoinGate.

How? By using the controls in the “padlock” to turn off the block.

At the top of your screen to the left of the URL where it says “” is the padlock symbol. Click that padlock to open the site security controls. connection is secure, cookies and site data
Click the padlock to open the site settings, then click Cookies and site data

You can turn on or off the access to things such as your camera and microphone. Which you might want to check are ON if you like doing cam2cam, or OFF if you are concerned about Stripchat camgirls watching you.

But as far as fixing the “Application error” the choice you need is “Cookies and site data” which takes you to another window.

Cookies and site data, block third-party cookies
Click to turn off the “Block third-party cookies” option.

After that refresh your Stripchat window and try the payment again, this time it will work and you’ll see the choice of cryptocoin types, including Bitcoin either on-chain or over the Lightning Network.

Skip the optional Email prompt, or enter an email if you want a receipt, then you get to Show a QR code or use your own desktop Crypto wallet if you have one installed.

Scan the QR code to get the address to which you can send your bitcoin, all safely and securely to Stripchat from your own wallet!

Do you need to turn the block back on when you are done? You could, but it probably isn’t necessary. If safety and security are high priorities for you, then you probably should just out of an abundance of caution.

Or choose another camsite that accepts bitcoin, and doesn’t have this issue, such as Chaturbate.

Did this how-to help you? Let me know in the comments!