Want to see girls play video games while masturbating? Or just being nude? You are not alone and a range of new webcam video sites have started to provide that service between a strictly live porn site like Camsoda, and a gaming streamer site like Twitch. The newest successful entrant in this crowding field is JoyStick.TV which offers a range of “joy” options and places you can “stick” your TV!

Like an increasing number of new cam sites at JoyStick.TV you don’t get to see anything at all until you have signed up. That’s a little strange to me and I can’t say I like it as much as places like Stripchat or Flirt4Free where you can see who is online and doing what.

When you visit JoyStick.TV all you see is a login or signup page. No girls, no names, nothing at all.

I tried the Twitter signup but couldn’t get it to work as it picked up my email automatically, but then the verification didn’t work. Trying again with the Google sign in and a different email account worked though.

Only once I had verified my email was I able to see anything inside. There is a menu once you login with options, but they don’t do much until you are email verified.

With a verified account the first thing to do is to head to “Explore” which lets you, uh, explore who is online now, who is scheduled to come online soon, and everybody else. Because there aren’t that many.

But when you do find one there is a simple chat interface, and better yet you get 25 free tokens for just signing up.

Try it out and let me know how it goes, particularly compared to other gamer sites.