Questions: Can camgirls be on multiple websites simultaneously?

TL;DR Answer: Yes, it is called “multi-streaming” or “splitcamming”.

Full answer:

Did you find the same face and body on different cam sites? With exactly the same video? No that isn’t twins, that is one girl with one camera who is sending her video stream to multiple cam sites. That’s multi-streaming and it is kind of standard for most cam girls now.

Even the top “star” performers can be found on all the major sites at the same time.

As a viewer you can follow the camgirl on multiple sites and when you want to talk to her choose the site that you like best, perhaps the one with the cheapest tokens or the best interface or the one that takes you preferred anonymous payment method.

I have a few fans who will chat to me regardless of what site I’m on, they follow me around!

Whether private shows or tips for requests are going to cost the same on each site is up to each cam girl to decide. Some like to have a consistent price list, but others think more about their income and set prices so they get the same income from each site for the same request.

As cam girl sites take different cuts of the money that means the price to the viewer can be different. If you want a higher percentage of your money to go directly to the performer then when you see her on multiple sites you should tip her on the site with the best percentage. For most tipping sites that would be Chaturbate or Stripchat.

Other cam girls will adjust their pricing based on the “market rate” on each site. Some sites such as Bongacams and Cam4 just have a lower price expectation. Again remember the cut so if you tip 10 tokens on Bongacams that is worth something like a third of the cash value than if you tip 10 tokens on Cam4.

Although it has downsides there are so many advantages to being on multiple cam sites at the same time that most models can’t resist. I’ll often be on 2 or 3 cam sites at the same time, mostly depending on which PC I’m using that day. It takes quite a bit of processing power in your CPU to do multiple sites, and that is often the limit for me personally.

For models who are working in studios with high-power computers and great internet connections, or simply are lucky enough to have that at home, then multi-streaming is a no-brainer in terms of becoming more popular, getting more fans, and ultimately earning more.

Multi-Streaming: What Is It?

Multi-streaming, also known as “split camming” after the original software that did this (“SplitCam”), refers to the practice of streaming live performances on multiple cam sites simultaneously. It allows cam girls to reach a broader audience and potentially increase their earning potential by engaging with viewers on different platforms at the same time.

Technically it can be done one of two ways:

  1. The streaming PC sends out multiple streams to different sites
  2. The streaming PC send out one stream to a service that splits it and then send to different sites

While a few services do the “2” above mostly people just stream from their own PC, that’s what I do for myself and so I’m constrained by my internet connection and my PC. But as those improve, and mine are far from top of the line, then you can do more and more with your own system.

Although special software (“SplitCam” and “MultiCam”) used to be required to make it look as though you had multiple webcams today you can just use OBS with a multistream plugin (“obs-multi-rtmp”) to get the same result.

There are various bundled sets of streaming software, I use “Stream Master” from Lovense and it works well, but there are others out there. Or you can download OBS and obs-multi-rtmp plugin yourself to set it up if you are so inclined. A warning if you do that, the author of the plugin is Japanese and the official instructions are in Japanese which makes it hard for me!

Are you a cam girl and thinking of doing split streaming? If so read on.

Understanding the Rules:

While multi-streaming offers exciting possibilities, it’s important to check yourself with the specific rules and guidelines of each cam site. Different platforms may have varying policies regarding multi-streaming, and if you don’t do it right then you can get a penalty or at worse get your account banned.

I’m listing a few major sites here but things change over time, you must check the rules yourself before you start.


Stripchat prohibits streaming private shows to other cam sites but apart from that they are ok with multistreaming. What this means is that if you receive a private or exclusive private show request on Stripchat while multi-streaming, it is necessary to stop the other public streams before starting the private show. That is quite reasonable, but not how everybody does it.


MyFreeCams allows girls to work on multiple sites simultaneously without imposing penalties. However, they strongly discourage multi-streaming due to potential drawbacks – more on that below but basically splitting time and attention between sites can affect the quality of your performance and stretches your bandwidth meaning not such a good show.


Chaturbate allows broadcasters to use other video streaming platforms at the same time, as long as they do not promote or advertise external entities, products, services, or websites through the Chaturbate site. Obey this rule and you can broadcast to multiple audiences without violating any guidelines.

Making the Most of Multi-Streaming

Now that we understand the rules, let’s discuss some strategies to optimize your multi-streaming experience:

First the streaming technicalities

Ensure that the cam sites you select for multi-streaming are compatible with your streaming setup. Consider factors such as bandwidth requirements, technical compatibility, and ease of managing multiple platforms simultaneously. Finding the right combination will help you provide a seamless and high-quality experience to your viewers.

In theory, each site has a preferred bit rate, resolution and so on. So if you try to broadcast to multiple ones using OBS which have different requirements you won’t be right for all of them.

It is possible to have the OBS plugin create a separate stream for each site, but that does slow things down quite a bit and stresses your computer as it is having to do the video encoding multiple times. The default is to just make one rtmp stream and send it to all the servers and hope they will accept it.

In practice most sites will accept a reasonable quality feed such as HD at 10mbps CBR 30fps and so on.

Now about actually doing a show

Effective time and attention management is crucial when multi-streaming. The viewers don’t just want to see you, they want to interact with you. So you need to have enough attention to see who is saying what and to interact. By dedicating focused attention to each site, you can maintain engagement and provide a good experience for your viewers.

If you spend too much on one site at the expense of the others that isn’t going to work and you may be wasting your time.

Monitor Performance

Regularly check how each site is working. You need to keep track of follows, tips, and just how much chatting you are doing. Be analytical about it and keep notes. If a site isn’t working out then maybe it is not a good fit for multistreaming, or maybe you are neglecting it during your shows.

I know that when I’m split camming I find it easier to keep track of CB, then SC. Bongacams also pops up regularly and the little beeps when people tip or even PM at BC makes it easier. By contrast, Cam4 doesn’t work great for me personally and tends to get put to the back when I’m broadcasting on that site as well as others.

Everybody has to work out their own solution for the best mix of sites, but keeping track of what happens, not just in one shift but over a week or more, will let you see what works best for you.

How do you find multi-streaming? Either as a viewer, is it too weird, or does it have benefits for you? How about as a broadcaster, is it an essential part of your streams, or did it not work out for you?

Let me know in the comments and share your experiences!