Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

Caution; this page is added to when I find new webcam affiliate programs but I don’t always go back to check or update existing info, hence some may be out of date.  Read the T&C carefully before deciding who to promote!

First Rank Webcam Affiliate Program

bullet VsCash / videosecrets / flirt4free – VSCash is the front end is Flirt4free webcam chat.  Very high quality content and very sellable.  Doing a lot of promotions with name porn stars.  Ok stats package with tracking codes.  Very attractive sliding scale starts at only 20%.  Takes a long time for the checks to get here but when they do they are massive.  Monthly checks.

Gross Sales Your commission
0 – $999.99 20%
$1,000.00 – $2,499.99 25%
$2,500.00 – $4,999.99 30%
$5,000.00+ 35%
bullet imLive / pussycash – imlive pays $32 per signup plus you get extra Happy Hour credits for you to see the girls for free.  Keeps having promos like $100 pps on Sundays and things like that.  Also giveaways for the top webmaster each period.    Checks twice a month.  Has a primitive tracking code system.  As well as the main cam site there are also plenty of niche pay sites and a bunch of adult dating sites too.

Date Total Clicks Sign-ups Daily Total
TOTAL: 556 11 $715.00
bullet AdultWebmasterEmpire runs the affiliate programs of LiveJasmin and JOYourselfThese two are now serious players, definitely check this out.  It’s a percentage basis so the income you will get builds over time.  You get 30 % which is a higher percentage than cumtv, but then as this is a smaller site the total $ will be lower.

They also have $40 PPS, co brand and white label.   Down side is a cookie based system that means you loose your customers if they don’t keep returning to your site to get their cookie refreshed after 14 days.  (This is now fixed with their “Lifetime+ option”; lower % but it really is lifetime)

Under their old stats system in one typical 15 day period the stats looked like this:

Total Payout to you (USD) : $433.47

JOYourself which is identical software and may be same company but is run separately with different girls; still 30% though.  Checks are reasonably prompt twice a month.

Now they have new tracking software and will give you better stats than in the past, still not great (no tracking codes or referrers) but it’s better than before.

One big thing to watch out though is that you only get your 30% on the viewers you refer while the original cookie is set. E.g. awempire is not tracking customers by their login name to pay you, but only by a cookie.  As cookies eventually disappear (deleted, reinstall windows etc) you will eventually “loose” the customers you send to awempire even though that customer may still be spending there.

Note that awempire knows this is a problem and are talking about implementing what they call “lifetime revshare” (e.g. what everybody else calls revshare), but they have not done so yet (sep 05) – this is now fixed as of 2009 and they have a real lifetime revshare option

They have a webmaster and chathost referal program with good percentages BUT it only lasts for 1 year, so after that you no longer get a % for those webmasters and models you have referred.

bullet Camcontacts/camsense pays percentage so like cumtv/streamray you can’t calculate a simple performance figure but over a long period they are one of the largest earners I have.  Although the percentage is only 10% — though with sliding scale up to 20% — the absolute $ value I receive for them for the same type of traffic is much higher than other providers which give 25% or more.Stats are confusing at times, has tracking codes but I have trouble making them work.  Not to concerned while the checks they send keep getting bigger.  Issue checks promptly every two weeks.

big change was made to the T&C in Dec 2009 that requires you to send at least 5 qualified spenders per month.  If you fail to do so for two months in a row then your account may be killed; which means you loose all the earnings from viewers you sent in the past.  This is a serious shortcoming in the program.  If you don’t have enough traffic to continuously keep up then it would be better not to spend time on this program. – Booming site trying to perfect MFCs model.  20% revshare and $50 per active model.  Min $50 payouts, check, wire for $45 fee, paxum and payoneer both for $1 fee.  They have restarted their program of $1 PPF for 1st world countries.
bullet — is just a white label now of mydirtyhobby so get the affiliate program for this by going to

Other Webcam Affiliate Programs

bullet Streamate / MoneyTree / SexTracker $30 per “free” signup ($1 credit card “age verification”) — this one is building up quite substantial because their product, Streamate, is really growing with a lot more girls online and great pics of them too so its an easy sell.  If you want to promote this product but get a % instead of pps then look at nasty dollars/camcrush (below).  Starting to have some special bonuses and such.


The gay free cams is only $25 pps.  Strange, gay customers are less productive?  I would have thought not.

bullet secretfriends/MyCamFriends / pleasurelabs / plabs / almightycontent — it’s 25% going up to %35 if you can reach (a not too difficult) performance target.  Their stats don’t show unique, they show raw hits though which makes the hits:$ figure look a bit bad but really it is ok.

Total Hits: 9471 Raw Sales: $259.65
bulletTopcam / Seventeenlive – $35 per signup.  Topcams has good retention but only about 9$ each time, while seventeenlive seems to do some kind of revshare coz the amount is variable but keeps doing up.  I’m not sure how you get the $35 they advertise.
Peekshows / Peekscash – one of the oldest and most mature sites, quite a few good tools.   20% revshare .  Some of the chathosts have real-ish blogs which you can use.  they have a php tool to build an entire site from scratch.
privatefeeds / livebucks –  sliding scale 20% to 40%, checks – now run by adult friend finder so do some googling about that one.  Both revshare 20% plus very modest sliding scale, and PPS which varies according to their promption.
Camdough – products include Asian247, Cams247, honeydolls and ladyboycams.  30% on sales.
camsuncovered / netpondcash — new site but 30%, see also livebycam
SunnyCams / CamFever — $40 a signup. But the product site has been offline since beginning for Feb. 06
webcamcash / spread4u / stroke4u — Moderate sized sites, three payouts to choose from: 20% revshare, $25 per join or 100% of every conversion sale  Now part of streamray.
CamWithHer – 40% for a non-nude small site, very good quality material though both pics and text (Dead as of 2020)
Epiccams — from EpicCash, has a whole range of paysites and also this one cam site.  Starts from $15 dollar per free signup, or $20 per $1 signup.  Sliding scale going up as you provide more signups.
weblive (20%)
camcrush (a new site from nastydollar; 50%, some content as streamate — see above — which is $25 pps)
Camz — nice idea, lots of independent girls, but doesn’t work well for me
Diva / divashow / divacash
tempodeantena  In Portuguese — you like Brazilian girls?  May not be active any more
LiveCamNetwork (30% recurring)
pornication – apparently owned by the same people as gamacash, sliding scale starting at 20% with separate straight and gay feeds; girls are the same as privatefeeds
icuChat – $50 bonus when you sign up as webmaster
cams4us — now 35%, small site only though.
bustcash / hkgirlz — got Chinese language traffic?  Convert it with this program
lazydollars / clubXlive / PassionCams /PurityCams  — new and interesting, they do both PPS and % or a mixed model.  The pure percentage program is 30% which is high, and the sites look decent too.  See also camsuncovered and livebycam.
LiveByCam / BigCashCrew — (30% revshare) OR ($25 on initial sale + 20% revshare) OR ($50 signup / initial sale)  Unusually detailed stats. / 2lipslive / 2lipscash / 2lipspartners — Small but nice site with 25% revshare, payments received a-ok but due to small number of girls some months there is nothing to receive.  They do have some seriously cute girls so some months the payments are substantial though.  Stats are very primitive, no unique or referral info, only sale total is listed.  Whole thing is Czech.
CamTrue / CamtrueCash — interestingly combines adult chat with dating and astrology.  Nice tracking with refers
wellcams — small site.  20% revshare. — small Spanish based site revshare.  20%
Cutegirls4u — 25% from this very new Dutch site
CamMatrix / AdultCamDollar — $35 PPS or 20% revshare
uicyNetwork / — French and Spanish as well as English
RoyalCams — up to 35%, but small site.
DeliCash  — 30%, but small site.
Camguest / LustyBucks — small site with NATS, PPS ($40) and Revshare
Neoncams / neondollars –  new site as of Mar 2008 with pps or revshare options. neoncams now just is part of camsitecash and a copy of
kcash – previously affiliate program for
dticash – intensely confusing affiliate system, but good revshare and the only site with a serious collection of Japanese host online.
CleoVideo XloveGay XloveCam – – VOD or Girls or Gay cams.  All revshare but you get two choices.  Either 30% flat rate for 15 days only.  OR you can have 30% lifetime for all non-French countries and only 20% for the french ones (France, Belgium).  Strange but true.  Payments in Euro, minimum 100, default is only bank transfer. – huge, busy and at times confusing site but with lots of potential. Both PPS ($1 free or $30) and REVshare (25%) and lots of different promotional tools.  Any page on the site — and there are a lot — can be a landing page. / – very European site (e.g. lots of bare tits in free) with many landing pages and names.  Iframes, xml, free-chat boxes.
CamSiteCash — for camprime and camperfect and now – $30 or 20%, the nude version of the extremely popular non-nude
Camspotcash / – $35 – $50 PPS per $1 join or $20 PPS AND 15% revshare. Chat emulator, live and vod rss xml, fisheye tool, weekly payouts
SpyRooms / GoLiveXXX – Per Sale Commissions Tier 1 15.00% 20.00% after 21 sales. Tier 2 5.00% check , very limited tools but ok product.
Visit-X – this is an old established German program with a somewhat confusing affiliate section. %30-40% revshare.  Payments in Euros
AllBBWCams / BBWDollars – very focused niche site with quality models.  $35/pps or $25% and limited tools is rather low bal.  Uses NATS for tracking and free wire or check.
RIVCams / RIVCash / Originally an Italian site now is working with the highly respected GreenGuyandJim team.  Check or bank transfer, Euro or US$, a somewhat modest 20% for webmasters and 10% for referred models.
4pleasure, cams4pleasure / 30% revshare, plus the model gets 30%, or $35/pps (sliding scale up to $100) or $1 per email registered (no cc).  Payments via check has an invite only program but there is a 3d party referal system anyone can signup at to promote a feeder site called for $2.50 per free join. You can also use the crak system to send traffic to a range of other cam sites including imlive, flirt4free, chaturbate and livejasmin if you would rather not sign up to each system separately. : $5 free trial signup and higher amounts for longer signups or if you send more signups.  They have  a funny revshare which isn’t really revshare, more like an ongoing two tier pps.  Read their site for more details, it’s confusing.  Twice monthly payments.  More focused on selling video rather than the live chat.  Revshare is for the paysite part only, not for the cam spend. Do read the affiliate T&C paritcularly 4.1 which is basically the same problem as with camsense, if you don’t remain active they can terminate revshare on all your old rebilling.
CamstarCash / FreeCamStars – Payments via Payoneer, Paxum, Wire or Check but with high fees for wire and check.  PPF at $1.5 for tier-1, or PPS $35 each with unreachable scale up to $100.  Lower amounts for Check instead of Credit Card PPS.  White Label available.  Revshare is 20% with no scale.

Non-webcam adult affiliate programs

Webcam is not the only way to go, there are lots of other things out there though I have to say it does help if you can find something a little “special”.

First rank

Fucking Machines This site is great, not just the fucking machines but also all kinds of sites as well.  The Wired Pussy and the Water Torture are amazing to watch and people do like them!  This gives me the highest ratio of any program — $0.55/unique !
ftvgirls — on the surface it is a simple picture site but the quality of the photography and the girls is just outstanding.  This is playboy (or higher) quality photography, with hardcore (well, toys and vegetables) content.


adultplatform /videobox — this is an exceptionally good VOD product they are selling, payouts are small each but you may sell a lot
ChatDollars — Free phone chat
pornstarbucks – Promote the official sites of several famous porn stars
NastyDollars — large list of “reality” sites to promote, good free content
Hits — 15 different pay sites on a varity of topics and lots and lots of free content of good quality. Includes some cam sites but they are all whitelabel of streammate.
AdultLounge has an amazing 140 different sites to promote, including some that are “live sex show” or “chat” but not quite webcam
SexyAds – one of the leading dating sites.
Hustler — Larry Flynt’s famous magazine now has a large set of web sites to promote.  The brand name helps to sell of course
Cashring / IwantU — More of a dating site, both regular and adult with some features like SMS and chat thrown in.  $25/signup or sliding scale up to %55.
AdultRental / AdultRentalcash — VOD, $25 PPS or 25% revshare
Adult Webmaster program – up to 70% recurring on lez and teen girl sites.
utherverse / redlightcenter – a 3d gaming thing, but with sex.
Interdollar have a range of asian cam sites.  20% recurring.  payments by check for free or wire with $20 fee.  $100 min.

Affiliate payment

There are several ways for these sites to pay you.

Check is the most common way.  They are often in US dollars.  If you are from the U.S. then it’s easy.  Otherwise, you have to look around to see which bank charges least for depositing overseas checks.
Paypal is very well established and well known.  You link your bank account and/or your credit card to the Paypal account.  I start to pay for the web hosting with Paypal such that when there is not enough fund in my Paypal account, it will charge my credit card.  When your commission income arrives, you may transfer the money to your bank account or simply use it to pay for any online bills.

Unfortunately, Paypal has decided recently NOT to accept payment from adult transactions.

Other payment method
There are other newly emerged payment processing companies like paxum, payoneer and StormPay though everybody needs some time to experience and find out which one is better.  Epassporte is dead

Affiliate tools

StatsRemote – This amazing tool collects statistics from various affiliate programs to let you have an overall view!

Dead programs

Girltime — one of the oldest cam programs out there, owned by the people who make the firecracker video software that is behind many other sites.  35% revshare .


webmaster tools