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Updated: is no longer an independent site

Sadly the domain is not a real camsite any more but is a whitelabel of another existing one. That is a good one though and if you haven't tried then click the link to read my review of it for more details and try it out yourself.

I'm going to end up using the word "webcam" a lot in a review about a site called... Webcams.Com !

This has to be the greatest domain name for a cam site -- well, at least up there with which is owned by Streamray, aka CumTV.

I started to review it when they have the beta version on but now the site has a nice clear white design with clear navigation buttons across the top of the screen. has grown from about girls online to over 400 now.  You can choose to view all or by a category -- things like Asian, Indian, Japanese, BBW, all sort of body parts or even Pregnant or tranny(over 50 online!).  There is a guy category too but  there are only about a dozen around at the moment.

Annoyingly the way they set their pages to expire means that while browsing through the list of models you can't always use the Back button they way you would expect.

There are other minor problems too -- like after you first see the list of all hosts, then you use the dropdown box to select say you only want to see Latinas -- that works fine up to that point; but when you want to switch back to viewing all hosts it isn't an option on the "Browse" drop down list.  Instead you'd need to click on the Who's Online menu item at the top of the screen.  All minor stuff which you will get used to after you've clicked around a while.  And I believe they have fixed the expired pages problem now.

As of Jan 2007 their video window is improved -- it now has zoom, double or "full" which is big though not quite full screen.  There is audio as well.

Free chat is available but not all girls do free chat.  Look for the link "Click for free chat" under the model on the who's online page.  While "Get free chat" or clicking on the model's pic ends up being prompted to join.  To join, they want the usual stuff like username, password and email, then they will want to verify your age. e.g. by telling them your credit card details. no longer asks for membership.  It used to be $1 life time.  Instead, it's free membership but they will charge $1 for age verification.  This $1 can be refunded upon request but then they said they would give you $10 free credits so it's not bad. 

Before you click "Start Your Membership", scroll further down and look for the VIP option.  It's already ticked -- "Yes I would also like VIP access with $20 in private XXX show credit for only $9.99/mo. This amount will be billed to my card once every 30 days until cancelled".  Once again very similar to ifriends with all their VIP and VIP Elite etc etc.

Being a member, you'll get access to free chat -- not clear if it's nude -- 50 thousand archive pics, and ability to do cam2cam.

If you pay with credit card, it will appear as WCBILLING.COM on your statement.  Alternatively,  you can pay by JCB, Discover, Switch or Solo -- those latter two are popular in the UK I believe -- clue this is a British company like CamContacts.

In free chat there is a tip button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to drop from $1 to $25 into the hosts tip box; in the end she'll only get 40% of it though.

The chat window itself is a flash video which varies in quality according to the camera and connection the host has, some are quite good.  You can stay in free chat as long as you like even though from time to time there is a pop-up window saying, "Free chat alert - Become a member to disable this message." and you have to click either "later" or "signup". free text chat window for signed up membersOn the screen there is a three way split between her cam, your cam and the text window -- and lots of space on the screen is taken up by various prompts urging you to join premium (e.g. paid) chat.  If you take them up on the offer then there is a clear prompt showing you how much it'll be -- $2.49 Minute seems to be the going rate though the agreement does say hosts can charge $3.99.

Hosts and studios can signup using a comprehensive form, but you'll also have to do the paperwork and send it in with proof of age of course.  Your take is 40% and it is paid weekly on the Friday after the week -- e.g. one week lag.  Receive your payment via check in the mail or FedEx.

If you are a host they emphasize there is "no free chat" which of course the opposite of what they boast to customers, that there is free chat!  What this means really is that free chat is only for registered members (e.g. card wielding potential payers).  So as a host you won't get all the beggars who have no intention, or capability, of ever paying for a show -- but as a viewer you can get free chat, as long as you are willing to wave your card about up front and take the $1 fee.

Interesting addition to the usual rules is "you cannot be rude to customers under any circumstances" -- doing so will get you banned.  Now that's in one way sensible, but on the other hand "rude" can be open to interpretation so I hope there's some sensible discussion going to go on here.

They specifically allow you to do split cam and work other sites, as long as you don't neglect the WebCams.Com window which is nice.  Also there is a comprehensive Region Blocking facility; ZIP codes, States or whole Countries can be blocked so you "you don't chance having your next door neighbor see you on cam" as they say.  Though as I've said before I think if you are that worried about someone you know in real life seeing you on cam then really maybe you should reconsider this career because there are no 100% guarantees!

In conclusion WebCams.Com seems to be a moderately priced, moderate sized site with quite a good selection of hosts online.  A lot of them are European studio girls but there is a sprinkle of Asians, Latinas and some independent looking hosts as well.

The layout of the site is very "big" -- I mean the spacing between lettering and size of the fonts.  Comes as a bit of a shock compared with the tight spacing you get on most sites where everything is squeezed to fit onto the screen.

I guess the WebCams.Com designers presume you have a large screen -- and that you are going to scroll anyway.  A good call on the first, but I'm not so sure about the second.  But hey, I shouldn't complain given the way most of my pages look!

If you have any more information about WebCams.Com , please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks. 


Pro for Exhibitionists

40% is a good rate, very reasonable rules on the whole

Con for Exhibitionists

Not the biggest site, not too many beggars due to enforced membership

Pro for Voyeurs

Nice clear site with reasonable rates

Con for Voyeurs

Not that many hosts, video not that big


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