There are a whole bunch of things that Chaturbate doesn’t allow, and if one of those things means a lot to you then you have no alternative but to find a different website that does.

Here are the major ones I know about, and if you have some more that you think should be listed please let me know.

So let’s get started with the list of:

Chaturbate Alternatives that allow …

… fisting

Want to see a girl with her own or someone else’s fist all the way inside her pussy or asshole? That is not allowed at Chaturbate, but it is just fine at Stripchat.

… pissing

Like Golden Showers or Water Sports? Wants to see the little stream of pee run down the camgirl’s thigh, or see her wet her panties or yoga pants with hot piss? You won’t find any of that at Chaturbate where any urological play is verboten. Instead, try Cam4 where the pee runs freely.

… sleeping cam girls

Do you just want to watch a camgirl get her beauty sleep? Watching women slumber is a peaceful and gentle pastime, but one that isn’t allowed at Chaturbate, or for that matter at Cam4, but you can see as much bedtime snoozing as you want on SkyPrivate or Stripchat, as long as it is a custom request. That means camgirls at Stripchat can’t simply fall asleep with the cam running, they have to do it as part of a show you have agreed and purchased.

If you are a camgirl and want to get paid to sleep then Stripchat would be a good choice.

… public or outdoor sex shows

Sex in the great outdoors is a fun way to combine sex and sun while flashing in coffee shops and malls adds a thrill to a video chat stream. What these have in common is that you can’t see them at Chaturbate as there is a strict rule that the broadcasters cannot run their video feeds anywhere that someone not registered at CB might see them. So shopping malls are out but also walks in the park or the beach. The only outside broadcasts CB camgirls are allowed to do is in something like a walled garden or a backyard that has a high fence (apparently the risk of drones or overflying aircraft pilots having a look is not worth considering).

Therefore if you want outdoor or public sex or flashing shows you’ll have to look beyond Chaturbate, your best is Stripchat which this a separate category so you can find all the outdoor public broadcasts easily. There are a few outdoor broadcasters at Bongacams and similarly at Cam4 as they have mobile broadcasting software, but while it is allowed it is still relatively rare.

… payment with Apple Pay

Want to pay online with Apple Pay? Not a thing at Chaturbate unfortunately, and indeed not a thing at any cam site, at least not directly. There are ways around it though, but they don’t work well with Chaturbate so you are better off with another cam site that is less restrictive.

… payment with brand Gift Cards

One of the ways to ensure you get privacy while buying online porn is to use branded gift cards think things like Walmart or Starbucks gift cards. You can buy them with cash and nobody knows why, and then you can spend them at camsites. Only you can’t do that at Chaturbate so if you want the privacy that comes from banded gift cards you’ll want to find a similar camsite that accepts them.

Stripchat is the most similar to Chaturbate, but you also have some choices of higher-end premium sites like Flirt4Free and LiveJasmin which accept gift cards, and a whole range of other payment systems that can help with your privacy and anonymity.

What other alternatives to Chaturbate are you looking for? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll come up with some recommendations just for you!