LiveJasmin is one of the original cam girl sites and has always tried to set itself apart from the crowd by offering a higher class of experience. That doesn’t just mean a better website, if you like red, but also a certain category of cam girl.

LiveJasmin girls charge up to $21 a minute for their private shows

At LiveJasmin, there are rules about makeup, clothing, backgrounds, and more. It is a bit like working as a flight attendant for an up-market airline. There is this corporate image and “look” that you are supposed to maintain if you work at LiveJasmin.

My casual under-the-desk in a messy office voyeur shows don’t work at all at LiveJasmin and so I can’t broadcast there, but I do see how other girls manage.

The premium quality also means a premium price. While not the highest price it is certainly up there, particularly when you consider the top price bracket.

Are the cam girls at LiveJasmin really worth up to $21 a minute for their private shows?

That’s up to you to decide whether it is in your budget and whether that model is doing something just right that you need.

Don’t worry though, there are cheaper models there who work for as little as $1 a minute, and the typical cost is around $2.80.

Even those prices add up if you want to take a camgirl for a long private though and so discounts are always going to be popular.

At LiveJasmin there are a number of deals, promotions and discounts.

Firstly you can buy tokens at a discount, your first purchase should be something like 50% off.

Then every time you browse the girls who are online, and it is true theoretically for guys too but I’ve only seen it in practice with girls or couples, that they may be flagged as having a “hot deal”.

Click into their room and you can see the details of the deal.

In this case the deal is 50% off her regular private show charges, but this deal is ending in 43 seconds!

Models at Livejasmin are allowed once an hour to set up a deal and can choose any discount they like up to 50%, but it only lasts for 5 minutes.

The last kind of discounts you’ll find regularly at LiveJasmin will only occur when you are a good enough customer that the LiveJasmin girl directly offers you the discount.

The “Private Chat Discount” is used by models to attract you back into their room, and can be offered to you any time both you and she are online.

She can offer you up to a 50% discount, but obviously isn’t going to do that unless she really wants to see you in her room.

That’s another reason to be a good, polite, helpful customer who shows respect and appreciation for your favorite camgirl. Now she can show some of that back to you with a discount!

Don’t forget that she doesn’t receive all the money though. Both LiveJasmin and any studio she is working for also get big cuts, so don’t be too aggressive in asking for lower prices, but be happy when you do get a discount at LiveJasmin.

Until you have built up those good relationships just check out the Hot Deals that are openly offered by camgirls at LJ to anybody who wants one.

The deals only last for 5 minutes though, so be prepared to go to regular pricing once it is up.

If you are looking for another site that offers deals then consider Flirt4Free which is another premium cam site, but also where girls can offer deals.

Let me know, which type of deal apeals to you most?