would really like their models to broadcast from their mobile phones. They are running a “summer promotion” in which models get paid an extra 10% if they use their iOS/Apple or Android devices.

That doesn’t mean you have to broadcast outdoors, though that would be one of the options, but just that you should use your phone.

I’m not really seeing why this is a thing unless they are just trying to be more mobile-friendly.

I do notice that at least half of the viewers who come into my room when I’m broadcasting on Bonga seem to be using a phone. There is an icon beside their username which lets me see they are mobile users rather than computer users, but on the whole they don’t seem to be so interactive.

Two years ago Bongacams introduced cam2cam on their mobile version, which seems like a great idea only I don’t see many people using it if any.

Do Bongacams viewers spend less? Given that most viewers on Bongacams don’t seem to spend very much anyway that is hard for me to say.

You should be able to find the mobile camgirls at Bongacams by looking #Mobile Bongacams tag.

Are you a model at Bongacams and do you use your mobile phone to broadcast? Will then 10% extra make it worth your while to try out?

For viewers of models at Bongacams, do you use your mobile, and if so do you have that better or worse than using a computer?

Let me know your thoughts!

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