Exactly what are Private Cam Girls and why should you care? Read this guide to know the why and the how about how to get private shows, in private, with cam girls who are independant of the regular cam girl sites.

First of all, let’s get this clear, the word “private” is over-used in the cam girl world and you need to be sure which one you are talking about.

Definition #1: Private Cam Girl

The first definition of private, as in “private cam girl” is a cam girl who works privately, doing business directly with her viewing customer, and doesn’t depend on a camgirl site as an intermediary or a place to organize her shows.

Definition #2: Cam Girl Private Show

The other way of defining “private” is in a “cam girl private show” is a reference to a live sex show with a cam girl in which nobody else can be part of the chat room or see what is going on. It’s like a private room in a club where you and the girl go and shut the door so nobody else knows what is going on. Except for the people spying through holes in the wall of course.

This guide is about definition #1. Cam girls who do not work for one of the big cam sites, but negotiate and do business deals directly between you and them. How private shows work in definition #2 is another article that will be here soon.

Support the Small Business Woman

These days almost everything we buy or pay for is some sort of global brand. You don’t drink coffee, you go to Starbucks. You don’t buy books, you go to Amazon.com and so on.

But if you are the sort of person who will seek out a farmers market for fresh produce, who buys mugs made by a crafter on etsy.com, chooses to buy books from an independent book seller or who supports unsigned singer/songwriters via their Patreon, then private cam girls are probably the right things for you.

Or perhaps you just don’t like the idea that some giant corporate company is taking 50% or more of the money you spend, and the girl who you want to give the money to is receiving less than half.

A lot less than half in many cases. The common case of a girl working for a studio which is working for a cam site, meaning that there are at least two levels of middlemen taking big cuts out of the money.

Financial Fairness for Cam Girls!

Spend $20 and the model only gets $5?

  • You pay $20
  • Credit card company takes 2.5% (or more, this is a “high risk” transaction)
  • Cam site takes 75%
  • The studio takes half of what is left
  • And you get the idea – the model may also be paying fees to the studio for toys or accommodation if she lives there and so on.

If that sounds unfair, and if you are willing to put in some extra effort to work directly with the cam girl, so that she gets all of the money then read on.

Ok, maybe it is never quite “all” of the money. Inevitably there are bank charges and business fees and so on, but those can be kept to a minimum.

Choices and more variety

And then there is the fact that independent girls tend to be more willing, and able, to show their own personality and character. You will get fewer of the cookie-cutter studio girls you may be familiar with, typically from third-world countries working in sets that look like cheap IKEA showrooms.

Want to have more time to really get to know private camgirls who are working from near where you live? Not to get any false hope of getting a cam girl as a girlfriend, but at least someone to talk to who can understand you because they live in the same society.

Private Cam Girls : Also Known As

Like a lot of things with online porn there isn’t a set way of describing things, so what you may call private cam girls someone else may call something else. Over the years I’ve heard a bunch of different terms and most people will now use one of these.

  • Independent cam girls: A generic and accurate term that hasn’t really taken off, except with the girls themselves
  • Skype cam girls: The big thing in the mid-2010s, but now show you are dated
  • Yahoo cam girls: A way to show you really have been camming as long as I have, as that term died about 10 years ago.
  • And now for 2020… Zoom Cam girls

How to find them

The very fact that you need to put in some effort to find them makes private cam girls a bit special, and when you’ve found the right one you’ll want to stick to her. But before then, or when you want a bit ofvariety how do you go about looking for them? A lot of the more obvious ways may not work the way you think, but there are avenues.

The first and probably easiest is to use web sites that are specifically created for the purpose of helping you to find them.

How is that different from a regular cam site?

What’s different is that these are only listing sites, they don’t provide any way to get shows on the site itself. That means they don’t have big technical overheads, with video servers and the like, and in practice they have mostly been creatd by cam girls themselves as a way to boost their own poularity.

Individual cam girl sites

Some cam girls have their own private website, just to promote their own shows and provide some kind of base for their customers to find them. These are rare and often hard to find, generally cam girls are focused on their shows and on their branding and product sales, and don’t spend too much time on their websites.

I used to have a group of cam girl sites listed, but they are mostly dead now. There are a few still going that I know of including:

Just because they have their own website does not necessarily mean they are taking bookings for direct private cam shows. Many of them are performing specifically on another big site and so will just direct you to meet them there if you want a show.

Independent cam girl directory listings

CamModelDirectory.com is a major directory site, in fact it is pretty much the only one that is still going strong. More than just being a listing it also helps to organise the payment process which is otherwise a challenge for models who want to maintain their anonimity, and viewers who also have privacy concerns.

Realgirlsoncam.com – While very outdated this site continues to serve its old customers with a listing of girls who are available for private skype shows.

LiveCamModelshows.com – Another established directory site that provides some assistance with payments it is also called LCMS.

Hybrid skype cam girl sites

Most sites offering “skype cam girl” are moving towards a hybrid style where they have a listing service like those above, but they also focus on helping with the payment processing. This makes them nearer to a regular cam site, but they don’t handle any of the video technology which means their job is easier, and so they can charge a much smaller fee. Typically around 20% is deducted by this type of site. As technology improves their integration with the third-party video systems such as Microsoft Skype are improving allowing a smoother experience technically.

Skyprivate.com – The largest of the hybrid directory sites, they also handle payments so that the charges are from the company and not from the model, and the time and billing calculation is done using their integration with the Skype backend system.

Camlust.com – Using a similar integration with Skype this directory site lets you know when a model is online and guides you through the process of connecting up with her.

In fact these two sites are so similar that at first I thought one was simply a whitelabel of the other, but it appears that no they really are different but it looks as though one of them copied the other, I’m not at all sure which way.

How NOT to find them

Craigslist and Back-Page

Once apon a time this worked, but these kinds of sites have all blocked direct cam girl ads now.


Most things in the world you can just Google them, but this is one place where the big-G may let you down. The whole area of google is just full of articles about cam girls and links to big cam sites, there is no way to get to individual girls who don’t have the SEO skills or the fame to appear big in Google.


Lots of cam girls are posting on Instagram, but the site is contactly blocking them and the hashtags that they create. Try searching for #camgirls and you’ll find nothing so this is not a good place to go looking specifically for a cam girl.

You may find hot models you like on Instagram, who then introduce you to their OnlyFans or ManyVids.com, after which you’ll realize that you can also watch them live. But that’s not direclty finding a private cam girl, you can get the same effect asking your bikini barista if she does show, the answer may well be yes and you won’t know until you ask.

Dead directory sites

There are a lot of dead sites, so much that my old article about independent cam girl directories has turned more into a listing of what’s dead.

How not to be a jerk

If you are new to hiring a private cam girl for a show then do watch out for some basic etiquette. Although it might be your first show the model will have done this many times, and it is sad but true that she will have seen a lot of less than desirable behavior.

Be a good customer, don’t do anything like this.

  1. Don’t be late to a scheduled show
  2. Treat your cam girl like a professional entertainer
  3. Don’t be cheap and try to get more than you booked for
  4. Don’t ask for free samples
  5. Be polite and understanding when things go wrong
  6. Show your face, not just your dick. Smile and try to look less like a perv.

You know who that guys is.

Don’t be that guy.

Then enjoy!