You won’t find many Asian cam girls who have any body-ink. Looking at the Tattooed cam girls at Flirt4Free I was struck by the fact that none of them were Asian at all. The F4F cam site has a particular category for tattooed girls, it includes any model who has specified she has tags regardless of whether it is just a little butterfly on the butt, a “tramp stamp” or a full sleeve or back artwork.

Some of the models have some beautiful designs on their skins, but I really noticed that none of them were Asian. As an Asian cam model myself I do tend to check out the “competition” and plenty of them have other kinds of body mods, but not the ink.

I suspect that this is a cultural thing because there is a bit of a negative image of tattooing in Asia. Although there is a long history of tattooing in Japan it has always been associated with organized crime, illicit erotica, or simply “bad people”. Other parts of Asia are similar in that inking is something that other people do, not “nice girls”.

Do nice girls become cam girls? Sure they do, and hence most Asian cam girls have no tattoos, not even the little ones that are so common in other countries.

Looking more closely in the tattoo section of Flirt4Free I can see that most of the tattooed cam girls are white or Hispanic. But that is just because the majority of the models at f4f are white or Latina. Looking at it as a percentage it works out to around 7% of models in those ethnic groups who have some kind of tattoos.

7% of Cam Girls have Tattoos!

Pie chart showing percentage of flirt4free cam girls with tattoos that shows 7% are inked

It is a much higher percentage in the African and Native American groups, yes they have such ethnic categories at Flirt 4 Free, though the total number of such models is low so I can’t trust the statistics very much. There are enough models who describe themselves as “mixed” to see that mixed-race models to see that they are by far the most likely to have body decorations.

Being of mixed race makes you more likely to be tattooed!

The cam girls considering themselves “mixed” amounted to 8% of the ones I looked at.

Ethnicity break down of cam girls at flirt4free showing mixed ethnicity at 8% in a pie chart

These “mixed” models are from all over the world, from Medellin to Saint-Petersburg, from Manchester to Bratislava, it is truly an international group! And perhaps that is why 13 out of 103, or about 13%, of the mixed ethnicity models are tattooed.

Being of mixed race makes you more likely to be tattooed! That’s true at least for Flirt4Free cam girls!

Let me know in the comments what you think of tattooed Asian cam girls. Does it make a difference to how attractive they are? Would it be different if they were of another ethnicity but with the same tattoos?