I’m an Asian Cam Girl and an Anal Cam Girl myself as I am quite happy with anal sex. Therefore I’m surprised to see that this isn’t a thing for the cam girls I’ve watched at Flirt4free. Not all cam girls do anal, in fact overall using the categories to measure it at Flirt4free only 15% of the models are listed as doing anal.

In a cam show, “anal” generally means ass play, either butt plugs or dildos in the ass, or the thing which is my preference which is pretty “princess butt plugs” with a jewel on them.

It doesn’t completely correlate between a personal interest in anal sex, and willingness to include asshole play in a cam show, but of course, there is plenty of overlap. If you like something up your butt as I do then it seems quite reasonable to do it during an erotic webcam show, and whether you are just being pretty with a jewel or enjoying the bursting feeling of a big dildo up there, it is equally popular with viewers who like anal.

I’m actually surprised that the number of girls in the Anal category at Flirt4free is only 15%, does that mean the other cam girls don’t do anal at all, or just that they don’t want to make it a major part of their offering? That isn’t clear to me, but if I’m willing to do anal I’d surely click that box in my profile to say so.

A scientific study done in the US shows that about 25% of sexually active girls have tried anal, but that doesn’t mean they are doing it regularly or like it enough to include it in their cam shows.

As not all models are doing anal shows you would expect some types to do more than others, and it seems Asian cam girls are the least likely to take it up the ass. Of the 40 models which I checked on Flirt4Free, only 3 were in the Anal category, which is around 7%.

If only 7% of Asian models do anal, but the average is 15% then obviously some other group is doing it more frequently. It turns out that the percentage of girls in each ethnic group who do anal is very variable indeed.

Some of these ethnic groups are too small to be very significant, so you can’t draw too many conclusions from the smaller groups such as Native Americans and Africans, but for the major groups, it seems quite significant.

From this chart, we can see that Asian and white models are equally reluctant to perform anal sex on cam, while Black and Hispanics are much more likely to think it is fine. With a quarter or more of those latter groups selecting “anal” as one of their categories at Flirt4free, it shows a willingness to play with their rear entrances that simply isn’t there with Asians and whites.

This is quite a different breakdown from the recent observation I had about Asians and Tattoos and reflects something else I’m not sure about.

Are Black and Hispanic women, in general, more likely to like Anal sex in their private lives? I think this has been studied, but I’m not sure about the results as it is behind a paywall.

I’ve heard the story that Latina girls are more likely to be Catholic, and Catholics value maintaining virginity until after marriage, and for this reason, are more open to anal sex as they may consider it as a way to please their partners while still remaining virgins.

Is this a real thing or just an urban legend? I can imagine how it might lead to more girls deciding they will have a try at anal intercourse, and hence more Hispanic girls finding they like anal. Once they have decided that they like it and that it is interesting then that would lead them to continue to including anal even after they start vaginal sex, in personal life, and in shows with toys.

Do you enjoy anal in a cam show? What can be done to convince more Asian girls to enjoy anal sex, and to include it in their cam shows? Let me know in the comments or post in the forum.