A lot of my fans like to look at my feet, and watch me wearing high heels. As I want to buy lots of different heels, and someone other people buy me shoes as well, I think I know a bit about foot fetish.

Maybe not though because very few foot fans who come into my chat rooms are taking me in a private show, mostly they just watch my feet for a while.

I do occasionally get a viewer who will tip me to change to another pair of shoes, or even take me private to watch me walk back and forth wearing high heels.

Each person who likes feet and finds them sexy may have a different idea about what is a pretty or sexy pair of feet.

  • With shoes or without shoes.
  • Short nails or long.
  • Top of the foot or soles
  • Toes or heels

With all those possible combinations it isn’t surprising that even people who consider themselves “feet fans” don’t necessarily like every pair of feet, nor do high heel fans like every high shoe.

Each person has very specific interests and that means that finding just the right foot model or foot camgirl for you can take some effort.

The best cam site for finding feet and heel cams is footfinder.com.

FootFinder.com is entirely oriented around the idea of people who wish to buy, and sell, foot fetish content. That can mean picture sets, videos and custom pictures and vids.

The site has a big youtube channel with videos that explains how it works, and encourages more girls with pretty feet to go and upload their foot pictures and movies.

This is a great way to learn how to use the site and I won’t duplicate what they have said.

One unusual thing about the feetfinder site is that the sellers must pay a subscription fee to be listed.

Having to pay a fee to sell on a trading site is a big red flag for most content providers who are quite used to all the many channels, including all the camsites I’ve brewed here, where being the seller or creator costs nothing.

The reasons given by the Feet Finder site are the usual about needing funds to pay for advertising and development, all reasonable reasons on the surface. But why don’t any other sites such as OnlyFans or ManyVids or indeed any camsite do that?

With most camsites the funds for paying for advertising and for technical support of the site come from the pay ens made by buyers, and that is why the camgirls don’t get all the money spent on them.

Generally, Camgirls get 50% or less, sometimes a lot less, of the money spent on them.

While it is not unreasonable that a company makes money somewhere on their trading, it makes you wonder why people don’t just sell their feet content on one of the many free sites?

And if you are doing it on a live cam site then you can do it all for free, and make extra with tips and private shows if you want. You also don’t have to so it is totally up to each camgirl to decide what she is going to do.

A few, not many but some, camgirls work entirely non-nude and just pose and be sexy and chat with guys.

That could include foot posing and though they will be asked to do footjobs, on a dildo, they don’t have to do it if they don’t like that.

Although FeetFinder.com is a good place to, as it says in the name, find feet, if you want to enjoy live video chat with girls who have hot feet it would be better to search one of the camsites that provide foot cams.

Ultimately I didn’t go through with the process as it just doesn’t seem attractive.

Hav you tried selling foot content at FeetFinder.com? Let me know in the comment show it worked for you and whether you would recommend it, particularly if you can compare it with selling foot content on other platforms.