If you know one thing about the world it is that it isn’t a safe place. That goes double for the internet. And then double again for anything to do with porn on the internet. That is why people are justifiably worried about camgirl catfishing.

Even camgirls are concerned about their names and images being used for catfishing.

What is catfishing?

That is when someone pretends to be a hot girl and tricks you into falling in love with her, normally get money out of you.

On the surface this is so similar to what a camgirl does. Saying how much she likes your attention and feels so close to you so that she gets you to send money to her.

What then is the difference between a camgirl and a catfish?

It comes down to honesty and knowing what you are getting.

There is a grey area in which people get cheated, or cheat themselves, and that is what you have to watch out for.

In a classic catfishing scam someone, often a fat hairy guy sitting in his basement, creates an online profile a of a wonderfully hot and perfect girl. Profiles on dating sites such as Tindr, on discussion sites like Reddit and so on.

You find and chat with the “girl” but then after you’ve had this long-time long-distance relationship for a while she will confide in you her financial troubles. Like a good friend you want to help her out and that’s when it starts.

When I lay it out like this it is obvious that it is a scam, but people fall for it anyway because it happens all slowly and nicely and every step seems reasonable.

Avoid Catfishing!

The way to avoid camgirl catfish is to treat all cam girls as entertainment providers, not your friends. And definitely not lovers.

Cam girls choose to work online precisely because they have no intention of ever meeting you in real life.

If you want to meet girls online you have to be very carful to decide what you are trying to get out of the online meeting.

For real dating and eventual marriage you must restrict yourself to actual dating sites, not ones that are offering quick or free sex.

When you just want to play online a bit and get some sexual relief and a chance to discuss your particular interests then go with a camgirl site like the many that I review here.

When you want random conversations with tiglrs, hot or not and certainly not going to meet you, then a random cam site would be best.

Those of you who just want to watch girls secretly, naked or otherwise, then voyeur cams, and particularly voyeur house cams, are what will provide for you.

Do Cam Girls Catfish?

Cam girls have to provide the service you are asking for, which is a simulation of a close sexual relationship, but they have to keep it both real and fake at the same time.

A cam girl is a professional entertainer and to keep you happy she has to basically pretend to like you more than she really does.

In particular, she has to pretend to like your dick pics.

That simulation is similar to catfishing in that she is saying she likes or loves you, and you pay her money.

What is different is that on a cam girl site you know what is really happening, or at least you should, and that this is a financial / entertainment transaction.

You pay with money, she returns with entertainment.

Don’t get carried away and start to believe she likes you so much better than everybody else.

If you pay her much more money than most then yes she will like it, but like you as a good customer.

Every business person wants to please their good customers, because they want them to stay customers, but that doesn’t mean we love them.

If a girl contacts you on social media or a messenger and looks super hot and just wants to chat, then she is a hairy guy trying to catfish you using a model’s picture.

Or, she is a camgirl who wants to find new customers.

What happens when a camgirl tries to get a customer and it comes across as catfishing?

If you think that the line between being a camgirl and catfishing is too close then you probably should avoid online interactions and stick with dating in real life. Join your local clubs, volunteer at a charity in your location, use a non-dating and non-sexual meet-up app to find places where people are doing things.

Stay away from camgirls if you can’t tell the difference between an online live porn entertainment, and a dating site.