TL;DNR Answer: Yes

Longer answer; mostly yes

Is the maitre d’ in the restaurant really delighted to see you again?

Does the server really hope the rest of your day is great?

Probably not, but we don’t consider that faking it but just good customer service.

And when you are a viewer in the cam girl’s room you are the customer. If you are a cheap person who never tips then at least you are a potential customer.

being polite means listening to what you say and making you feel that it really matters. And actually, it doesn’t, unless it leads to some tips.

Cam girls are performers, somewhere in-between your restaurant server and a sex therapist, but though they are sex workers they are generally not near to being a call girl or a prostitute.

The show that a cam girl provides involves her being sexual and responding to your words, your instructions and mostly to your tips.

When she says that feels great then it means she is pleased and wants to encourage you, the balance between her being glad for the remote-controlled vibrator and how much she is pleased about the tips that will pay her rent, well that varies but most of the time it is the money that matters.

We all enjoy the sexual stimulation at times, but it can also end up being really more than we need or want right at that moment. Masturbating for hours each day is wonderful for the first few days or even weeks, but after a while, it just gets to be more than enough.

Chatting and interacting with fans can be fun, but is equally tiring when done for eight hours a day every day. The happy, horny and exhibitionist extroverts make the best cam girls as it is more fun for us.

There are limits though.

When the server in your favorite restaurant always smiles and is “pleased to see you again”, even if she has had a terrible day and is just waiting for her shift to end, then so too the cam girl moans and grunts from a cam girl.

If you want her to cum then she will, or she will fake it until you are satisfied.

The customer’s satisfaction is what matters.

Rarely do we get to just lie-back and masturbate the way we would like, because that isn’t necessarily very photogenic. True female sexual enjoyment doesn’t always look good on camera, whatever you might think from watching porn.

Live porn is no different to any other kind of porn in that it is about appearance and making it look good as much, or much more, than about pleasure.

Cam girls who have easily aroused pussies have an easier time, and we have all cum on cam sometimes, but it isn’t always true.

Remember, that Chaturbate is not where you go to find a real-life girlfriend.

Do cam girls fake it?

Do bears shit in the woods?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments.