Streamate is a great site, maybe too great at times. With literally thousands of models to choose from and with their enticing free and flirting chat, it isn’t hard to end up being sucked in and wanting to take them into private chat.

While private chat at Streamate can be reasonably priced, it can also add up if you spend a long time with one model. And some models are premium porn stars or just super hot and charge accordingly. As Streamate uses a pay-as-you-go payment system, instead of the tokens or credits that most sites use, there is the danger that you’ll end up spending more than you really intended while in the clutches of a great model.

But never fear, the site has made allowances for everybody and there is a way to control your spending in advance to avoid being over budget.

If you want to ensure that the amount you spend isn’t more than you can afford, as it should be, then head on over to your account settings to set your Daily Spending Limit. / My Account / Daily Spending Limit controls

Inside the My Account section look on the left for the Daily Spending Limit choice, it is between personal Profile and Discounts / Credits.

When you select this option you get to a screen where you can see your Current Daily Limit, and adjust it as necessary.

“All users have an adjustable daily limit of their funds available to spend. Once the chosen limit for the time period has been reached, the chat you are in will close and you won’t be able to enter any paid services until the time period resets.”

The limit you set is in increments of $25 and can go up or down. Each member has their own Maximum Allowable Limit that depends on what kind of credit card or PayPal account they used to create the account, and also things about their history with the site. Depending on your situation the maximum can be as low as $50 or as high as several hundred.

This is also the screen you go to in order to see how much you have spent so far in that day, and therefore how much is still available.

Spend wisely on the models who can treat you right, there are plenty of them to choose from at Stripchat, from the most common to the rarest types of cam girls are all there.