Like many porn sites there is now a social login option at MyDirtyHobby. You can login using your Google or Gmail account instead of using an email address.

Logging into your favorite cam girl site using an existing account means that you have one less username and password to remember. It is great when you are on your phone and want to login just with a click, not after typing some long password.

MyDirtyHobby accepts creating accounts using an email and a password as well if you want to keep your identity there separate from your regular Gmail, but if you are going to use Gmail as your email address anyway then there isn’t that much difference.

When you use the Register button you just have to click or tap the Google logo instead of typing in an email and password.

The button says “Sign up with Google” and if you have a email account then you can use this button to skip the other details on the page.

When you click the Google Sign up button you’ll be asked, by Google and not by MyDirtyHobby, to say what account you want to use. If you have only one account then only one shows here, but you might have more than one.

If you use Google both at work and at home then be careful to choose the right one!

It is best if you keep a separate email account just for your porn use, and Google is an ok choice for that though some people recommend specialist privacy-focused email services such as Protonmail.

Presuming you have a suitable Google / Gmail account to either select here or enter using the “Use another account” option then you get another level of confirmation before it is finished.

It is quite clear what information Google is going to pass from your account to’s server. There are three pieces of information and they are your name, your email address, and your google profile picture.

MyDirtyHobby will receive that information and use it to set up your MDH account. And here is where you see the problem. Do you want MDH to know your real name? Presuming the name on your Gmail is your real name that is. It isn’t good for privacy, but if you have set a nickname or pseudonym then that isn’t a concern.

What happens next depends a bit on what country you are in.

MyDirtyHobby is one of the many porn websites, or social websites in general really, that use your geography or “geo” to decide what offers to make you. You may be able to go directly into browsing the live cameras on the site. Or you may have to make a minimum purchase using this form.

Don’t forget to verify your email address first in order to get free bonus coins when you make that first purchase.

Any payment however small is sufficient to get you into the system. You can either pay using a credit card or by making a crypto payment. Either way your details are handled by the third-party billing company, not by MyDirtyHobby itself, and as is typical with Cryptocurrency payments there is a small additional cost.

I calculated that your “$50” purchase actually costs you $52 when paying by Bitcoin.

A small fee to gain more privacy and to avoid any risk of unexpected future charges.

Overall using a Google account to sign up and log in to MyDirtyHobby means one less password to remember, but also risks mixing your personal Gmail details with this German porn site.

Don’t forget that more than just camgirls can be found on MyDirtyHobby. It also has plenty of prerecorded videos and pictures of girls. The site has been going for many years, long before the current rash of OnlyFans clones came along, and continues to be a small but good choice particularly if you like German cam girls, it is also good if you want to play piss games as MDH is one of the few cam sites where golden showers are allowed.